Image title: Mike Pickering in conversation with Paul Morley In The City 2010

Mike Pickering in conversation with Paul Morley In The City 2010

The final item at In The City 2010 was a conversation between Mike Pickering and Paul Morley. The venue was the main hall at The Place, the stylish apartment hotel housed within the former London goods warehouse next to Piccadilly . Mike PIckering talked about his time at the Hacienda s a DJ and how his progression into the role of award-winning bandmember and songwriter was something that 'just happened'.

It was a fascinating talk, providing many remarkable insights.


Mike Pickering in conversation with Paul Morley In The City 2010



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Equipment: Canon 550D and Tamron 18-270mm zoom lens.
I stood at the front and to the side of the stage, where there was a keen angle taking in both Mike Pickering in close-up and Paul Morley. Mike Pickering had been chatting whilst sitting back in his chair, but suddenly he moved forward, and so did Paul Morley. This provided a great opportunity as the lighting, angle of the faces and tension in the conversation were heightened. I took several shots and picked this one because of the raised eyebrows. The composition, reddish pink stage lighting, dark background and placement of the microphones all work well. Often the secret to a good photograph is waiting in the right place and then seizing the moment.

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