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Aidan O'RourkeTutor Aidan O’Rourke has built up a wide range of experience in both film and digital photography. He first became interested in photography in 1981. Since 1996 he has documented Manchester and Liverpool in photos and words. He has taken the 'now' photos for Manchester Then and Now, Manchester United Then and Now and Liverpool Then and Now (Anova Books). 107 of his photos are featured in the book Rebuilding Manchester by Euan Kellie. He wrote the Q&A pages for the first 27 issues of Digital Camera Magazine. From July 2008 to April 2009, his gigantic Manchester Mega-Photo was displayed in the foyer at Manchester’s Urbis Museum. He is based in Stockport and covers Manchester, Liverpool and northern England.

Stockport Cheshire photos from the archive

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Draft cover art Encounter Out Of Time short story and short film outline

Stockport Merseyway clock tower

Abney Hall Cheadle Cheshire / Stockport MBC

Demolition of Holland's Mill Shaw Heath Stockport

Bruntwood Park panorama of hall and duck pond

Stockport Bramall Hall and snow covered gardens

Stockport Armoury near Edgeley Station

Stockport Cale Green Park bowling green and houses

Wooded area Cale Green Stockport

Blue skies over Ladybrook Valley near Stockport Cheshire

View over Skyes Reservoir Stockport (bw)

Bramhall Park Road Bramhall walking the dog

Woodford autumnal trees

Stockport Railway Viaduct and M60 motorway.

View of Stockport from Beetham Hilton Tower

M60 Book: Blue Pyramid and M60 motorway

Reddish Vale pub with international World Cup flags

Lamp post telegraph pole evening sky Cheadle Heath

M60 motorway Stockport viaduct and Virgin train

Stockport Bowerfold Lane tree and houses

NW England unknown location steps and railings (bw)

Stockport Railway Viaduct seen from south east (bw)

Former Tatton Cinema Gatley (Stockport MBC)

Stockport to Stalybridge weekly train Greater Manchester

Stckport old Infirmary now Millennium House at dusk

Stockport Town Hall floodlit at dusk

M60 book:

M60 book: M60 motorway railway bridge

M60 book: Blue Pyramid in fog

M60 book:

M60 Book: Stone head Abney Hall Cheadle Stockport MBC

Stockport bus from the Museum of Transport in Manchester

NW England Stockport misty view from Cheadle Heath

Stockport Blue Pyramid seen from Hollywood Park

Stockport Cheadle Heath Simon Building demolition

Stockport M60 motorway and railway viaduct

Stockport Cheadle Heath road off Bird Hall Lane

Stockport Cheadle Heath path (bw)
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