Photo-impressions: Stop Brexit National March Manchester 1 Oct 2017

These are my impressions of the Stop Brexit March in Manchester, 1 October 2017. Thousands of people came to Manchester to show their opposition to Brexit and I was one of them. Given my background, profession, principles and personal experience, it’s impossible for me to do anything but to oppose Brexit and campaign for it to be rejected by the electorate in a referendum on any final deal.

Today’s march was peaceful and good humoured but also noisy and outspoken. Many thousands came – it’s difficult to say how many – and we need to remember that for every person who attended, there are many more who share a similar view of Brexit, but weren’t able to make it.

People from a wide range of backgrounds and political views were present. Speakers included Vince Cable of the Liberal Democrats, lawyer Jolyon Maugham, Mike Galsworthy of Scientists for Europe, Conservative MP Stephen Dorrell and many others.

Terry Christian spoke out eloquently and humorously against Brexit. “Boris Johnson’s conscience” gave a hilarious and lifelike performance. Singer Madeleina Kay, dressed as Superwoman, performed her anti-Brexit songs. Finally Badly Drawn Boy and Tom Hingley spoke with great passion about their views on Brexit and the reactions of their fans.

Whatever happens over the next few years, people who understand the importance of Europe will never stop campaigning in favour of Britain’s continued participation in it. There will be many more marches like this all over the UK and I intend to take part in as many as I can and take photographs.

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Aidan O'RourkeAidan O'Rourke has been active in photography and online media since 1995. He has documented the development of the local area in his Eyewitness website (1997-2005) and as a contributor to books, publications and the Manchester Evening News. He runs photography walks in Manchester and Liverpool.