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Lansdowne Road Crumpsall on 17 July 1999 was showing recent additions, including flower baskets on medium size poles, and  speed bumps covering the junctions with side streets.  By 2005 the speed bumps had been removed to be replaced by smaller ones on the side street.  The flower baskets had also gone, replaced by small trees. The street lamps are the same as before. I'm told is now a thriving Turkish cafe and the businesses generally look healthier than before. The most obvious improvement is the renovation of the shop facades with new signage and shutters. As in Levenshulme, the new signs have evidently been provided from regeneration money, as they are all of similar design, with just the colour and logo varying from shop to shop.

EWM says: It's good to have new signs but it would have been nice to have a bit more diversity of design to avoid the 'theme park' effect.
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