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Dear Aidan-- Enjoyed your latest pictures very much.

On Cheetham Hill Road there are (or used to be) the ruins of a very old church where (I read somewhere) Mendelsohn once played the organ (though this is no doubt an apocryphal story)?

If I remember correctly, only the front facade remained standing. It stood, I think, somewhere between the Temple Cinema and the Jewish hospital.

Would you happen to know if it is still there? And if so, do you have a picture of it?

Regards, Mark Bates

Yes, it is and this is how it looked when I photographed it today, Sunday 30 July 2000.

Hi Aidan Liked your latest on the Gay Village. Didn't even know there was one.

AND who's the hairdresser and where does he operate from? I'll be home in a few weeks for a wedding and might need my hair cutting!!

It was great to read the outlines of the people involved in Manchester's daily life. A good idea.

Eilleen in the Antipodes

I'm not sure if Armand Beesley (above) will have time for mere hairdressing, the way his TV presenting career is going, but I can find out for you. I also know another freelance hairdresser who's very good indeed. Let me know.

Aidan: I wanted to send this to Readers Letters but could not find the e-mail address.

Have just been looking again at your great project on Manchester cinemas. As a child I seem to remember there being three cinemas in the area of the Odeon. One was the Paramount which I assume is now the Odeon, then, on the other side of the street was the Gaumont and then on a corner a smaller cinema which I think was called the Oxford St cinema.

I remember seeing many Laurel and Hardy films in the smaller one. What has happened to the "then" luxurious Gaumont and is the smaller one still there. Sometimes a look through Manchester on Line really makes my day.

Eveline Sommerhalder

The Gaumont was abruptly demolished in the early 1970's. Currently (July 2000) a new building is under construction on the site. This book superbly documents and recaptures the atmosphere of the old cinemas. E-mail me for more information.

Re: The Rialto - Shame on you. The Cinema most favoured by my parents; considered a cut above the Ambassador!! James Cagney, George Raft, Walter Pidgeon, Sidney Greenstreet Peter Lorre, Bogart.

We were taken to see the first Robin Hood at this cinema in 1939/40 Errol Flynn et al. The Northwest Mounted Police, with Gary Cooper, Paulette Goddard, Akim Tamarroff. "Dangerous Moonlight". The actor's name escapes me at the moment. I remember how luxurious the long side lobby carpet felt underfoot and all the portraits of the stars all the way along that long walk to the seating area.

The days of dreams at the cinema.

Frank Thornton

Yes, I should have photographed it while it was still standing, but let's face it, the cinema had had its day many years before. I hope to bring you an earlier photograph of the some time soon.

Re - Gorton Home Page - Hi I just looked at your homepage and found it very interesting. Can you tell me if all the houses were cleared in the slum clearances of the 60's or is there anything remaining?

Thanks Sarah Pleasant

The ones to the left of Hyde Road at the junction of Kirkmanshulme Lane were mostly demolished. The ones further along to the right near Sunny Brow Park, are still there, though a little run down. Were you looking at Eyewitness in Manchester, or another website when you wrote this?! More pictures of Gorton soon.

I was very interested to read Chris Bertram's E-mail about Collyhurst and Barney's Tip.

I can remember my mother talking about this area. She lived on Livesey Street as a child and went to St. Patrick's school.

Aidan, if you don't mind, I have started researching my Family History and would like to ask if there are any Brennan's from the Collyhurst area, or Foy's from Failsworth/Oldham who read your page, please would they contact me.

Best wishes from an uncertain Perth (weatherwise).

Lynda Youel


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