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The Quay Bar, Castlefield


"TWENTY FOUR HOUR CITY" is a phrase often heard these days - often referring to Manchester, or how many people would like Manchester to be. But although some pubs and bars in the city can stay open later, in the majority of watering holes, you have to drink up and get out at around 11 or 11.30pm . It always seemed absurd to me that in hotel pubs in the Gulf, like the "George and Dragon" in the Ambassador Hotel, Dubai, you can drink to your heart's content into the early hours. But at the George and Dragon, on the High Street in Cheadle, you have to leave at 11.

Well finally things may be about to change. A government-appointed body, the "Better Regulation Task Force", recommends that licensing laws should be brought up to date, with more flexible opening hours. They say responsibility for liquor licences should be transferred from magistrates to local authorities. Most people are in agreement, including a large proportion of the police. Studies have indicated that there is less trouble on the streets when there are variable closing times. So maybe soon, I'll be taking the above picture at dawn, rather than dusk, after an all-night binge, but I'll have to be careful not to fall into the canal!

Oxford Rd, BBC studiosTHIS IS YOUR LIFE

MANCHESTER HAS TWO MAJOR TV STATIONS, BBC and Granada, so you can often get to see some great shows - for free. This evening, we went to see "This Is Your Life" at the BBC Studios, on Oxford Road. The star of the show was 80 year old Fred Stewart, road-sweeper from Yorkshire, who recently received an MBE. Michael Aspel was there, reading from his red book - I remember when Eamonn Andrews used to utter those famous words, with that definitive Irish brogue. One of the highpoints of the evening was "warmer upper" comedian Ted Robbins who provided the entertainment before recording started. He was hilarious, but his jokes were too blue to broadcast, or to repeat here!


I WOKE UP TO SUNSHINE today, yes, I looked out the window and saw a blue patch in the sky, quite a large one. But by the time I'd got out the door, it was shrinking fast! I rushed to Salford Quays to do some more "water" photographs, but the clouds were already building up. I took the Metrolink for lunch in the centre, and when I returned - it was raining! This is what Oxford Street looked like around 5.30 this afternoon - wet! Come on sunshine, make an appearance! Current EWM temperature 60/16 degrees.

Oxford Rd, BBC studios


From: Claire Davenport
Date: Tue, 21 Jul 1998 00:14:24 EDT
Subject: Manchester Eye Witness

Just thought I'd drop you a line to say thanks for your site: I'm living over in America at the moment, near Washington DC, and I faithfully check the site every day to see what's going on at home! The weather may be better over here but the people just aren't the same! It's great though, just to get a glimpse of home.

Thanks again

Claire Davenport

Very glad to hear that Eyewitness is helping you stay in touch. Thanks for your wonderful message, and please keep visiting!

From: Lynda Youel
Dear Aidan,
I just had to respond to your story on disruptive school children.  Unfortunately, we are unable to take Billy, Mark and Sharon.  No, this is isn't meant to be amusing, you see Perth has just been named Crime Capital of Australia.  Manchester, you are not alone with your problems.  Perth, with its population of just 1.8 million, has a terrible record of muggings, house breaking, robbery with violence, heroin deaths,  more than its fair share of disruptive school children and what is now becoming quite common is violence towards our senior citizens in their own homes.
I could go on and on but I just wanted you to know that Manchester, although these things are not acceptable, is no worse than a lot of other places all over the world.
On a much pleasanter note, Aidan once again you are doing wonders with your site, it's still a pleasure to call by and read your stories and look at your wonderful photographs.
Best wishes
Lynda Youel

Yes, some people tend to think that other parts of the world don't have the problems we have but it's not true. Oh, and thanks for the compliment, it made my day!

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