The website you're looking at is a combination of retro and futuristic - the graphics celebrate the timeless qualities of 7 inch vinyl, while Real Audio is used to bring you a taste of the Manchester Unsigned bands, one or more of whom may be famous in the future.

I'll never forget buying my first single ("1-2-3" by Len Barry) , and playing it in on my Dansette record player. Somehow CD's, DAT and Minidisc never quite had the appeal of vinyl, despite the tinny sound quality, (or perhaps because of it, like listening to Radio Luxembourg late at night under the covers on a transistor radio).

Well now, perhaps a little of the excitement can be recaptured through the magic of the Internet. The sound is also tinny, but the amazing thing is that anyone, anywhere in the world, who's on the Internet, can listen in. Some people have predicted the music industry will die because of illiegal downloading and copying (see Press Cuttings, but using e-commerce (selling over the internet) the transmission method we're using on this website could shortly become the the norm, and lead to boom, not bust in the music industry.

For this website, I've designed 7" inch vinyl records and sleeves for each of the bands. This is done purely for fun - neither Manchester Online nor myself have any intention to start a record label! I've added the bands' own publicity material and tried to keep as close to their own wording and format as possible.

We're still waiting for material on some of the bands to come in. If you have any additional stuff, please send it to us. More pictures and articles will be added soon. I've tried to ensure all information is accurate, but no responsibility can be taken for any mistakes or omissions.

Maybe one of the bands featured here will go on to become international superstars. Remember, you heard them first on Eyewitness in Manchester.

This website designed and built by: Aidan O'Rourke
Real Audio encoding by: Simon Hodgkinson
Additional help from: Lisa Noone
First uploaded Thursday 10 September 1998