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500 local government electors attended a meeting on Monday to decide whether to apply to the Home Secretary, Mr Chuter Ede, for permission to allow Sunday cinema in Manchester to continue. The decision was an almost unanimous "yes". There was only one dissenting voice to be heard, a man from Wythenshawe who said: "Manchester is going lower and lower into the depths of sin".

Whatever about the evils Sunday cinema, there is plenty of other entertainment available to the people of Manchester, including the musical "Oklahoma", which is currently showing at the Opera House.

Mr Barbirolli, conductor of the Halle Orchestra, returned from a visit to Vienna this week, only to find that the gas had been cut off from his Manchester flat. He is said to have expressed the wish that the reconstruction of the Free Trade Hall would proceed as quickly as the rebuilding of Vienna's concert halls. For the people of Vienna, music and opera are among the most important things in life, and I understand that Mr Barbirolli wishes this were so in Manchester.

As more and more of the city's trams are taken out of service, people wonder what happens to them. Though many are sent to the breakers yard, some have been bought by the corporations of other towns and cities and are getting a new lease of life. Others have been bought up by individuals and are being used as greenhouses and sheds.

There have been two incidents of collapsing houses in the city this week. The first happened on Turton-street, Higher Openshaw. Neighbours apparently first heard a rumble, and then the whole house came crashing to the ground. 16 year old Bernard White was the only person in the property at the time, and managed to run to safety.

The other incident took place in Collyhurst on Saturday, where five men were demolishing three shops on Rochdale Road. The front wall toppled over onto some of the men.

One man was killed and another severely injured. The other workmen dashed to safety after someone shouted "Look out!" from the other side of the street. The injured man is in the Jewish Hospital.

1110 women are needed urgently to work in local hospitals, where 800 beds are empty due to a lack of nursing staff, it was announced at a press conference this week. Professionally qualified nurses are invited to apply for the posts. Staff can work part time or full time, day or night. The pay for women doing not more than 30 hours is 2s 10d an hour for a ward sister and 2s 1d for a staff nurse.

Brendan Behan, a 24 year old Irishman of no settled address, was accused of unlawfully returning from Eire to the United Kingdom after being excluded under the Prevention of Violence Act. He was further charged with the possession of stolen documents, to which his reponse was "I admit it".

Manchester City Magistrates Court heard a witness describe how former army absentee Frank Cheetham, charged with the murder of Miss Nellie Massey, "saw red" before killing the 70 year old woman.

After returning to the army, Cheetham is alleged to have confided in another soldier, Leonard Fowler, how he had broken into a shop in Hulme, Manchester, and on his way out, had hit a person, who was either male or female. He has pleaded not guilty to murder, and will be committed for trial at the next Manchester Assizes.

Early on Tuesday morning, a south west gale lashed Britain during the night. Gusts of 74 mph were reported at Ringway Airport. The weather forecast is for fresh southwest winds, strong locally, and fair periods. It will be showery and rather warm.

Text and photos by Aidan O'Rourke

(Based on reports in the Manchester Evening News)

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