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Winding men continued their strike at coal mines in various parts of the country, including Lancashire. The cause of the dispute is a disagreement over meal breaks as part of the new five day week.

The Manchester Airways Terminus has opened at the corner of Lower Moseley-street and St Peter's Square. The building is a prefab, and houses a waiting area with refreshment bar. An announcement about the future of Ringway Airport is expected before the end of the summer.

There was a vote on Thursday to decide whether Sunday cinema should continue in Manchester. Only 5 percent voted at the 61 polling booths in the six hours allowed for voting. The Town Clerk gave the result as 17140 for Sunday cinema and 7676 against. Moss Side tenants demanded a new poll, saying arrangements were inadequate.

Thursday was the second anniversary of VE Day. Readers may remember the confusion that reigned that day, when many people went to work only to find their offices and factories closed. After Mr Churchill's speech at 3pm, there was no doubt. That night there were celebrations in Albert Square.

In spite of strikes, only 15,000 of coal were lost to north west in the first five day week for the minerrs. 290,000 tons were produced in the previous week, compared to 275,000 tons this week.

32 passengers had a lucky escape today when a Bradford (Yorks) to Manchester single-decker bus skidded and collided into the front of 483 Grey Mare Lane, Openshaw. The bus was only slightly damaged, but the lower half of the front of the house was wrecked. A new film studio will open in Manchester - housed in a disused chapel on Dickenson Road, Rusholme. Production starts next Monday with "Cup Tie Honeymoon", a comedy starring Sandy Powell.

Some of the entertainment on offer in Manchester this week:

At the Opera House, a new comedy "Off the Record" by Ian Hay and Stephen King-Hall. At the Palace you can see Frank Handle in his new road show "Randle's Scandals". The Manchester Hippodrome, Ardwick Green is offering a variety show of family favourites by Primo Scala and his band Alec Fleon and Leslie Strange.

As for cinema, the Theatre Royal Piccadilly is showing "Incident" with Anna Neagle and Michael Wilding. "My Favourite Brunette", starring Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour is showing at the Regal Oxford Road, and the Tatler News Theatre presents a news feature,"The Sudan Dispute", plus "Spanish Fiesta, a Technicolor musical extravavanza" with cartoons, British and French news.

Some of the first outdoor swimmers took the plunge at the Galleon Swimming pool, Didsbury on Thursday afternoon. Temperatures reached 67 degrees in the middle of the day. Forecasters at Ringway say fine, warm weather will continue.

And here are some of the national headlines this week

Following bad weather in the north, new fuel concessions were announced this week: The use of gas and electricity is now permitted when necessary for the health of children and old people over 70.

2,500,000 food parcels are going from Australia to Britain, compared with 65,000 before the war. At 16s postage is expensive, but Australians say it's worth it for the letters of gratitude they receive.

A group of doctors from New Zealand say people here are "tired and jaded" by the monotony of the British diet.

Police shot at during a night chase in St John's Wood, London.

Text and photos by Aidan O'Rourke

Based on reports in the Manchester Evening News

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