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27,000 new Manchester voters have been added to the electoral register in eight new city divisions. Some areas in the north of the city have joined outlying divisions, but in the south, a new division of Wythenshawe has been created, with gains from Bucklow Ward in Cheshire. Nevertheless, Manchester councillors are against the cut from 10 to eight divisions and will resist the decision.

Cherries imported from Italy are currently on sale in Manchester at 2s per pound, but on closer inspection, many of them are bad. Once the rotten ones are removed, the price rises to 5s 4d a pound. English cherries have already appeared on markets in London, and will soon be available in Manchester at 3s a pound. Strawberries have been distributed in the region and the price is 2s 6d a pound.

A new market stall opened at Altrincham Market last Saturday. Two Conservative women from Bucklow division have been selling party badges at 1s 6d, the Conservative "Recorder" at 2d, and David Stelling's pamphlet "Why I am a Conservative" at 6d.

Mr Ernest Thompson Mills of Rose Hill, Marple, Cheshire was killed on Monday night while repairing his car on Stockport Road, Longsight. The accident occurred while he was repairing the car after a breakdown. The other driver didn't see his car as it was not showing any light.

People have been enquiring about the 20 South African penguins which recently arrived from Johannesburg. They were described as being in poor shape after the five day journey, but Mr Gerald Iles, Curator of Belle Vue Zoo, has said they are doing well, and are being groomed for their first public appearance.

Two homes in Strand-street, Eccles collapsed on Wednesday due to subsidence caused by a burst water main. The houses may have to be pulled down. Salford Housing Department has found new homes for the two families in Cypress Road, Worsley.

Hundreds of North-west firms are taking steps to avert the danger of another fuel crisis: The three point plan involves: Building up fuel stocks, installing a generating plant, and converting solid fuel boilers to oil. The mass shut down due to a fuel shortage sent employment up to 579,000 in February of this year.

Cabmen have seized a bus stand in Stevenson Square in a disagreement over the right to use the space to pick up passengers. The area in front of the Moston-Ben Brierley trolleybus stop has been used by taxis despite the fact that they lost the right to do so during the war, when there were less taxis on the roads. The drivers intend to continue using the stand until police action is taken, or they are allowed to use it again.

Taxi firms are carrying on a phoney war on the streets of Manchester: It appears that rival firms are making hoax calls to tie up the cars of their competitors. Nine different firms sent taxis to Manchester Royal Infirmary after receipt of a message for a patient to be taken to Swinton "in a fast car". On arrival the request was found to be bogus.

And for the past several weeks, an early morning call has been received by several taxi firms from somone purporting to live on Ashton Old Road, Higher Openshaw. The householder at the address has been got out of bed to find several taxis outside on the street, none of which he has ordered. He has threatened to contact the police if the hoaxing continues.

The city has made plans for hospitals costing 3 million, and has asked the Ministry of Health for approval. A new 600 bed womens hospital costing 952,500 is to be built in Longsight. There will also be a new convalescent home costing 404,000 to be built out of the city. There will be improvements to Booth Hall, Crumpsall and Monsall Hospitals.

Two Manchester men were accused on Friday of sending offensive telephone messages to three people in Manchester. The callers are alleged to have claimed to be members of the "International anti-Jewish Underground Movement". Mr A.E.M. West, prosecuting, said at 8.20 pm on February the 6th, a call was received by one of the three people during which the words "Ja! Ja!" were frequently used.

The caller is alleged to have said the following: "For your own safety I would advise you to gt out of the country and go to Madagascar, for there will be a rising of the Anti-Jewish Movement, which is all-powerful, and there will be another Nuremberg. It will be the Jews who will be tried this time." When asked if they were members of the Anti-Jewish Movement, one of the men said "No, that is all rubbish, there is no such movement". Each was fined 6.

Strike action today has affected 8 out of 23 depots of Ribble bus services in Lancashire. The busmen are dissatisfied because a recent 44 hour a week agreement doesn't include agreements on Sunday rates, overtime and paid holidays, which would bring them in line with Corporation employees. The districts affected include Blackburn, Wigan, Bolton, Preston, Burnley and other parts of Lancashire.

Meanwhile, 40,000 people have been pouring out of Oldham for the annual "wakes" week. Coaches and trains have been departing to Scarborough, Blackpool and North Wales.

The weather forecast is for light to moderate west to north west wind, fair to bright, but generally cool. Further outlook: none issued.

Foreign Secretary Aneurin Bevin returns from Paris after two day talks on the Marshall Plan

Text and photos by Aidan O'Rourke

Based on reports in the Manchester Evening News

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