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It was a washed out August Bank Holiday Monday, as steady rain put a damper on peoples' travel plans. Many trains were cancelled, and the platform at the famous Blackpool platform at Victoria Station, was empty of travellers. The only queues were at London Road Station for the 9.45am train to London.

Monday also saw anti-Jewish riots in both Liverpool and Manchester. Police called to Derby-street and found it littered with half-bricks. A man was caught throwing one at the windows of the Marina Works. There were reports of a demonstration consisting of about 400 to 500 people. A man was arrested at Broad-street, Pendleton Salford after a brick was hurled through a plate glass window. There were ugly scenes as men shouted: "Let them have it", "We don't want you swines here" and "You dirty ----- you should be in Palestine".

The riots are apparently in response to the recent murder of two British soldiers by Jewish terrorists in Palestine. On Tuesday, many Jews in Manchester were observing a self-imposed curfew of 10pm.

The Lord Mayor of Manchester described the demonstrations as "un-British". The Bishop of Salford said: "These attacks are no doubt intended as reprisals, but to seek revenge for the murders which have recently been committed in Palestine by attacking innocent people here in Manchester and Salford is neither logical nor Christian."

Police disclosed at Manchester City Magistrates Court that there was "considerable traffic" in drug cigarettes in the city. In court they produced five cocoons of hashish, the Oriental "dream herb", and cigarettes said to contain hashish, coca leaves and opium. An Indian man was accused of trading in drugs and was refused bail on the grounds he had deserted his ship at Manchester docks in 1945 and remained in the city.

Photos taken with 8 hour exposures and other curiosities can be seen at an exhibition of photography at Peel Park Art Gallery, Salford. It is presented by the Arts Council, and features 500 pictures from the first paper negatives to the latest triumphs in colour photography.

The film "So Well Remembered" is currently showing in Manchester. It stars Trevor Howard, and according to those who have seen it, gives a fairly authentic picture of life in a Lancashire cotton town 20 years ago. Another film, which features scenes shot in Manchester, is "The Mark of Cain".

Seventeen of the twenty South African penguins recently delivered to Belle Vue Zoo have died of a lung condition. They probably caught the disease before they left South Africa or on the journey here. The remaining three are in the best of health. The oldest inhabitant of Belle Vue zoo is a giant elephant tortoise born over one hundred years ago on an island in the Indian ocean.

At Tiviot Dale railway station, Stockport, there were queues at 5am on Friday morning to beat the Wakes week rush. Travellers were mostly going to Liverpool to take the Manx steamers.

And on Saturday, there were long queues for the London train as 10 towns in Lancashire, Cheshire and Yorkshire went on their Wakes Week holidays.

Hatters in the Lancashire town of Denton withdrew over 50,000 from savings clubs, to be spent in Blackpool and other holiday resorts. On the Blackpool Road near Preston this afternoon, 2000 cars per hour were heading for the coast.

Last night in Manchester, the temperature was a cool 43 degrees, but good weather is forecast for the rest of the weekend. Double Summer Time ends at 3am tomorrow morning, so clocks should be put back by one hour.

As the Commons crisis debate continues on what to do about Britain's dwindling dollar reserves, rail fares are to be increased by tuppence in the shilling.

Monday was the Queen's 47th birthday. She spent the day at the Palace with the King and the princesses.

Text by Aidan O'Rourke
Based on reports in the Manchester Evening News

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