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An enquiry has taken place into last Saturday's crash of a Tudor II aircraft at Woodford aerodrome, Cheshire. It appears that after take off the plane dipped its starboard wing repeatedly, touching the ground. Then the plane dipped and came down, careering across a field and ending up nose down in a pond.

Two of the victims of the crash were drowned, and may have survived had the plane not gone into water. Those killed in the accident were Roy Chadwick, 54, technical director of Avro's Ltd, Sidney Thorn, of Chapel St, Wilmslow, Avro's chief test pilot, Squadron Leader DJB Wilson, the co-pilot, and Joseph Webster, of Arthur-street, Reddish, the radio operator. The inquest returned a verdict of misadventure.

On Thursday, a young Urmston mother said of her crippled daughter "I don't want her back now - I have no love for her". The woman had been bound over by Manchester county Magistrates Court in July for ill-treating her two year old daughter, who is unable to walk. The girl is in Lancashire County Council care.

A new 85,000 shopping centre is to be built at Hall Lane, Baguley Hall, Wythenshawe. The centre is being built by Manchester City Corporation, and will include a range of shops and other amenities for residents of the area.

On Friday, Minister for Town and Country Planning, Mr Silkin, officially announced that Mobberley would be the location of a new overspill town. A final survey of the area is to be made by the Government's Geological Survey Department. There is still the possibility that salt in the ground may make the area unsuitable for the building of houses. But if the result is positive, a new town will go up at Mobberley. It is 18 months since Manchester Corporation first proposed Mobberley as a satellite town for Manchester's 200,000 overspill population.

Mr Ellis Smith, MP, President of the Lancashire and Cheshire Federation of Trades Councils, has proposed a double ring of electric railway lines in the North-west. An outer circle would link Preston, Southport, Liverpool, Birkenhead, Chester, Crewe, Stoke, Buxton, Sheffield, Barnsley, Leeds, Bradford, Burnley and Blackburn. An inner circle line would run through Rochdale, Bury, Bolton, Manchester and Oldham. There would also be links to Blackpool and North Wales. Mr Smith has also proposed two underground cross-city lines for Manchester, intersecting at a station to be built below ground near the Royal Exchange.

The weather in Manchester has been hotter again - on Wednesday, temperatures reached 79 degrees. Drought conditions have been hitting farms in Lancashire and Cheshire. The forecast for the coming days is warm and fine.

Princess Elizabeth's bridal home, Sunninghill Park, was hit by fire. The possibility of arson has not been ruled out

The first International Festival of Music and Drama is being held in Edinburgh

Text by Aidan O'Rourke

Based on reports in the Manchester Evening News

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