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The holiday air travel rush gathers pace, with heavy bookings from Ringway and Speke (Liverpool) airports. The most popular destinations are the Isle of Man and Ireland. Holiday makers are also heading for France and Holland.

A ton of coal will cost two shillings and sixpence more next year - This means that gas and electricity are likely to rise - by a penny halfpenny, or perhaps 2d for a therm of gas in Manchester. The electricity rise is likely to be "very stiff".

Signalman George Ballantyne, 50, was congratulated at the Manchester inquiry into the Victoria rail accident last week. By changing the points and sending a runaway train onto an empty line leading to Victoria Station platform 7, he averted a potentially devastating explosion. Driver George Henry Brewin died in the accident. A verdict of accidental death was passed, and company safety regulations were blamed.

Manchester Corporation Town Planning and Buildings Committee now have the right to compulsorily purchase properties in the shabby Knott Mill area of slums and old warehouses. It is in this district that remains of the Roman fort have been found under building foundations. The Committee hopes by focussing attention on the remaining stones of the fort to revive Manchester's Roman heritage.

For some people, their main treat this Christmas will be a phone call to relatives or friends overseas. In the whole country, 460 such calls have been booked, including 29 from Manchester, 17 of which are to New York.

The GPO says there is no time limit on the calls, it is up to individuals how much they want to spend.

Entertainment on offer in Manchester during Christmas includes the Belle Vue International Circus Revue, commencing on December 24th (tickets 9/- to 3/-, children 6/- to 2/-). Rehearsals continue for the Manchester Hippodrome pantomime "Goody Two Shoes".

Intruders bound and gagged a woman of 79 on Saturday. They entered her transport cafe in Sale, ordered tea, then tied the woman up. After searching the premises, the men left empty handed. They are described as being 30 - 35 years old. One of them was 5 feet 8 inches, had a sallow complexion and wore a trilby hat.

Bolton Housing Committee is to buy three houses at 5 each. The nominal price is due to repairs necessary, estimated at 600.

Mr Lytton Strachey, Minister of Food was in Manchester on Tuesday, and the Ministry of Food announced on Wednesday that there would be 2,230 more tons of Turkeys for the whole country than last year. In Smithfield Market this week there has been little demand for walnuts at 7s 6d a pound.

The Ministry announced that Lancashire would receive a "Christmas Box" allocation of bananas, but today, the consignment intended for Manchester was directed instead for consumption in the Glasgow district.

Mild weather is forecast. It will be dull and cloudy with drizzle.

The engine in last week's accident came to rest near this map of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway, which can be seen on the wall to the left of one of the station entrances.

Jewish terrorists kill Arabs in Palestine

Mr George Marshall stated his hopes for peac in Europe depend on his economic plan

Germans trek from the Russian zone into the western zones, dubbed "Trizonia". They fear the Russians are going to close the border

Text by Aidan O'Rourke

Based on reports in the Manchester Evening News

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