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MANCHESTER PEOPLE: Nick Clarke Nick Clarke, Director of the Manchester Multimedia Centre and Network
Design, graphics, computing, telematics, multimedia - these are just some of the areas in which local lad Nick Clarke has built an international reputation.
After a degree in Art & Design, Nick worked in advertising, then became a professional guitarist, playing with Mancunian R&B artist Victor Brox. In the 80's he worked in design, became expert in the Macintosh and was involved in the DTP revolution. He designed packaging for computer games, worked as a consultant with the BBC, HMSO and the British Council.
In 1990 he became a Senior Lecturer in computing and design at Salford University, and left in 1996 to become Director of the MMC. He's written three books and contributes regularly to MacUser magazine.
His constant work companion is a Macintosh G3 laptop, which he uses for electronic communication of every type, whether in Manchester or on one of his frequent trips abroad. More in EXCERPTS from the interview.
Born: on Werneth Low, near Hyde, May 20th 1960 Lives in: Burnage Secondary School: Hyde Grammar School Training: Manchester Polytechnic (1978-81) - Degree in Graphic Design; Coventry University - Postgrad degree in Computer Graphics
What makes Manchester unique?
Its tolerance, its amazing cultural diversity, its ability to reinvent itself its strong commitment to community interests and social inclusion, and I've always been attracted by that. It's a lovely size - I can also be out in the countryside within 25 minutes
Is there anything about Manchester that could be improved?
Every city can be improved, in the city planning - that's why we are so active in helping new planning technologies. We can be more proactive in telling the rest of the world how good we are.
Which places in Manchester do you like to go to?
I'm a committed vegetarian so Rusholme is fine, also the restaurants on Burton Road - I don't go to pubs. Cafe bars:  Barca, Dukes, Atlas
Recommended Manchester people:
The painter Harry Ruther ford, Tony Wilson and Elliot Rashman
Recommended Website:, Eyewitness in Manchester, any website that's saying something interesting about the city, also the Simpsons and
More in EXCERPTS from the interview.

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