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MANCHESTER PEOPLE: Pat Karney Pat Karney, high-profile City Councillor

Pat Karney is a familiar figure in local tv, radio and newspaper reports. Chairman of the City Centre Committee, he was catapulted into the public eye when the bomb exploded. He's responsible for "everything that moves" in the city centre: "It's one of those dream jobs", he says. More in EXCERPTS from the interview.

He's also Social Services manager for Salford City Council, with a staff of 22. He manages the two jobs using technology, including mobile phones and pagers.

Born: Patrick Street, Dublin Age: "Over 21" Lives in: City Centre Secondary Schools: Christian Brothers School, Dublin - Mount Carmel School Blackley Training: London and Warwick Universities - studied Politics and Economics
What makes Manchester unique?
In the end what makes cities is people, and in Manchester, it's their personality and attitude. They're optimistic, confident, enterprising people.
What do you like best about Manchester?
I like it because it's a big urban village. I like cities, and it's a big place, but at the same time it's got a village atmosphere. People know each other, it's a very compact city, it's very easy to get around, it's not nightmarish like London.
Is there anything about Manchester that could be improved?
Mancunians do drop a lot of litter and rubbish around the place, and when you go away and you come back and you see how dirty it is. We've got a cultural problem there with Mancunians, but we're doing the best we can to keep it clean.
Which places in Manchester do you like to go to?
I go in two areas, the Northern Quarter and the Village. I couldn't recommend any specific places, because I'd get into trouble!
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More in EXCERPTS from the interview.

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