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Stephen Gibbons, Film Director
"I want to be a film director" is what Stephen Gibbons told his careers adviser, who urged him to go for a more conventional job.
Stephen ignored this advice and went on to achieve success in his chosen career. He has a string of films and tv programmes to his name, many shown on national tv in the US.

And now the determined cinematographer from Oldham is about to embark on his first feature film, Chicanery Moon. The theme is shocking!
Born: Swindon on 29th April 1971 Lived in Manchester since: Age 5 Place of residence: Oldham Secondary School: Mossley Hollins High School Training: A Level film and communication studies at Tameside College
What do you like best about Manchester?
The fact that my friends are here, plus that sense of familiarity.
Is there anything about Manchester that could be improved?
The council houses in some of the areas really do need cleaning up... plus some areas are in themselves very dirty.
Which places in Manchester do you like to go to?
The Opera House in Manchester, Cockatoo's in Manchester, I sometimes can be found in the occasional pub in Mossley, or Oldham.
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