WINSTON CARRINGTON - ex-roadie, newspaper salesman, actor and Manchester character

IF YOU WALK from St Ann's Square to Deansgate, you won't miss Winston Carrington. He sells the paper through sheer force of personality, and regards practically every passer-by as his friend or potential friend.

Though currently an MEN vendor, for 15 years he toured Europe as a roadie, working for bands such as M People, Oasis, Fleetwood Mac, Arrested Development, Eternal and many others. He met, but didn't roadie for the Spice Girls. He's also worked as a driver, and has featured as an extra on TV dramas.

With his proximity to pop-stars, youthfulness and willingness to talk to anyone and have a laugh with them, he's typical of the contemporary spirit of Manchester. But he won't be standing on the corner of Deansgate selling the Manchester Evening News for much longer - He's recently been offered a new job, and will be starting soon - Where? The clue's below. (15 Nov 98)

Born: Barbados 11 April 1951  Lived in Manchester since: 1958  Place of residence: Moss Side  School: Old Moat Secondary Modern  Also lived in: Denmark 1977 - 81
What makes Manchester unique?
The people are friendly and warm - that's the one thing that sets Manchester apart from London and other cities

Is there anything about Manchester that could be improved?
The crime rate - they should try and overcome the divide between the haves and the have-nots. If everyone could get what they wanted, we'd have less crime.

Which places in Manchester do you like to go to?
Roosters, on Wilmslow Road, Fallowfield, also opening in the city centre very soon. I can personally recommend it.

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