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FAMOUS MANCHESTER PEOPLE INFLUENTIAL MANCHESTER PEOPLE: Yvette Livesy Yvette Livesey - Director of In The City music convention
Yvette Livesey runs the annual international pop music convention "In The City", which takes place September 1998 in Manchester.

Before starting "In The City", Yvette was an internationally successful fashion model. In 1987-88 she held both Miss UK and Miss England titles. She did catwalk circuits in Milan, Paris etc before coming to Manchester
In Manchester she presented programmes on Granada TV , and Radio 5, before starting "In The City" in 1992. She also has a Private Pilot's Licence, and is appearing in a new film. See EXCERPTS from the interview.
Born: 28th April 1968, Accrington Lived/worked in Manchester since: 1991 Place of residence: City Centre Secondary School: Queen Elizabeth Grammar School (for A Levels)
Career: Fashion model from age 14 - 22/23. Miss England & Miss UK 1987-88. Worked for radio & TV. Started In the City in 1992.
What is it, in your opinion that makes Manchester unique?
I think the friendliness, sense of humour, the ability to do things and get things done, and the fact that everyone wants to do things for their city... just the atmosphere, it's fabulous.
How do you think the city could be improved?
It's not green enough. I've told the City Council about this many times. The should plant trees the way they do in LA. Also, I think the City Council ought to make better use of us as festival organisers.
Have you got any favourite cafe bars or pubs?
Atlas - we hang out there all the time, and Jenny is great - I don't usually go to pubs in Manchester, only when I'm visiting my home in Accrington
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