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Test your knowledge, local and otherwise, looking at this random selection of the latest pictures in Eyewitness in Manchester. Click on the link at the bottom for the answers


We're looking west towards Manchester city centre from a recently refurbished station - the train has come from Ashton - similar to the name of this station - but which station is the train going to? Can you

Name this station and

Name the train's destination station?

This is Ashburys Station and the train is going to Piccadilly


Strange looking building, this, but certainly eye-catching - if you strain your eyes you might be able to make out the name. But can you...

Name the building and

The famous institution it's attached to?

It's the Contact Theatre, Manchester University


This school is in neo-Gothic style, and was designed by Thomas Worthington*. This building was renovated in early 2000.

Can you name the building, its purpose, the name of the road it's on and the district?

Ellen Wilkinson High School, Hyde Road, Ardwick

*Apologies - I previously said it was designed by Alfred Waterhouse. Thanks to DB and JS.


This example of a red-brick school building is typical of many built by Manchester Corporation towards the end of the 19th century. They all look similar, so it's very difficult to identify which one is which, this one's on a lane named after a flower and is in a district which may at one time have been a bog. Can you give the...

Name of the school

Name of the district?

Lily Lane Primary School, Moston


A pleasing example of 1960's-style glass and steel office building design - it was built not long before the decline and eventual closure of the facility it was intended to service. It's called Furness House, but

What was its original purpose? and

Where is it located?

This building was originally the Custom House for the Manchester Docks, now Salford Quays. (It's still partly occupied by HM Customs & Excise)


These colourful and attractive late Victorian shop buildings now have an extra splash of local colour thanks to the Asian grocery shops which now occupy them - But can you

Name the district where you'll find them? - clue: it's also the name of the road!

Cheetham Hill Road (not Rusholme!)


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