Subject: Re:Molly Dancers
From: Jandfh18 <>

Hi Aidan.Just thought I would let you know my husband and my late sister and brothers all went Molly Dancing in the 1940s.My husband was born and brought up in Miles Platting my sister and brothers were born in Ancoats.For years my husband has talked about it and sang the little ditty.I was also born in Ancoats but moved to the Anson Estate Longsight when I was two. Thanks for keeping my memories alive. Flo

ThatÕs interesting. I hadnÕt heard of Molly Dancing until it was mentioned by a reader. Can you remember the words of the Ōlittle dittyÕ and could you quote them for inclusion on the Reader Messages page?

From: Pete Woodall <>

Hi Aidan I think your site is great. I love the photos of the city centre.

Do you know of any plans for Castlefield House on Liverpool Road? The building is ugly and empty. I cannot believe they knocked down a stunning church to build it. I think it would make an excellent site for another skyscraper so the Beetham Tower wonÕt look as out of place in the city skyline.

Also I cannot believe after all the criticism THAT concrete wall has received in Piccadilly Gardens the council still hasnÕt done anything with it. I think they should either cover it completely in ivy or clad it in terracotta tiles and put up ŅWELCOME TO MANCHESTER PICCADILLY GARDENSÓ in large chunky metal letters and up-light it at night. It also amazes me that after all the hype about ManchesterÕs modern architecture and the awards the council has won, the town hall is still most stunning building in the city.

Keep up the good work! Peter Woodall

I think an even better solution would be finally to admit that public opinion is almost universally critical of the concrete wall and it should be removed completely. There needs to be an opinion survey so that Council-sponsored projects can be assessed and rated by the people who have to live with them, i.e. you and me! And as you say, that council-sponsored project from 130 years ago - the Town Hall - is still one of the city's best loved landmarks. I don't see the Piccadilly Wall featuring very much in tourist promotions! As for Castlefield House, I'm not familiar with it - thanks for drawing my attention to it, I'll take a look.



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