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WELCOME TO THE EYEWITNESS IN MANCHESTER Photoquiz December 2000 - featuring 66 new photographs taken during the wonderful spell of snowy weather which Manchester enjoyed between Boxing Day and New Year's Eve. There are 54 questions to answer - click on the coloured graphic to find out if you got the right answer. To keep your score, I suggest you use a pencil and paper. I can't offer any prizes at the moment, but if the quiz format is successful, who knows?

1) THIS IS THE EYEWITNESS IN MANCHESTER Christmas and New Year Card 2000 - produced in two versions - Version two with real snow (above) and version one with painted-on snow. Click on the pictures to see the larger picture, with falling snow created by a Java applet.

Platt Fields is situated very close to the ground of which well-known local football team?

A) Manchester United
B) Manchester City
C) Stockport County


2) WE ARE IN VICTORIA PARK, the Victorian garden suburb situated between Rusholme and Longsight, and home of Eyewitness in Manchester.

These gates were moved from their former location, but what was their original purpose?

A) Toll gates
B) Church gates
C) They were the gates to a house

3) PLATT FIELDS has a beautiful boating lake which in 2000 is sadly in a poor state of repair. Which other park in the City of Manchester has a boating lake?

A) Wythenshawe Park
B) Heaton Park
C) Queens Park

4) PLATT FIELDS is situated three miles (5km) south of Manchester City Centre on Wilmslow Road, close to Rusholme, Manchester's 'Curry Mile'. On the left is Holy Trinity Platt Rusholme Parish church. What is the tall rectangular block which is just visible in the centre of the photograph?

A) A block of council flats
B) A university hall of residence
C) An office building

5) MAULDETH ROAD WEST runs from Princess Road through Chorlton cum Hardy, becomes Hardy Lane and runs into a dead end at Chorlton cum Hardy golf course. A planned extension south of the River Mersey was never built. Which town would it have served?

A) Stockport
B) Wythenshawe
C) Sale

6) THIS ROAD IN SOUTH MANCHESTER is named after a county town. What is the name of the road?

A) Derby Road
B) Oxford Road
C) Chester Road


7) THE SOUTH MANCHESTER LOOP LINE runs from Old Trafford past Chorlton through Fallowfield, Levenshulme and Reddish to Fairfield. Passenger operations ceased in the 1960's. It was finally closed for freight in the 1980's. A campaign group would like to redevelop the line for a new purpose. What purpose?

A) A new road
B) A greenway
C) A tram route

8) THIS WAR MEMORIAL is situated on a green in what was once a fashionable residential area. What is the name of the green?

A) Monton Green
B) Chorlton Green
C) Ardwick Green

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