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WE ARE ON THE DERBYSHIRE CHESHIRE border, approximately three miles (5km) south of Kettleshulme and around 25 miles (40km) south east of Manchester.

The view is south west towards Bollington. It's the afternoon of Wednesday 9 March 2001and the weather is alternating between sunshine and showers. Rain clouds are moving north east over the Cheshire plain - this one is about to pass in front of the sun.

ON THE DERBYSHIRE CHESHIRE BORDER about two miles south of Kettleshulme, the Cheshire plain is visible over the tops of the hills.

In the misty atmospheric conditions, the gently undulating surface of the Cheshire plain is reduced to shades of grey.

In the middle distance we can see the tree tops of the northern suburbs of Macclesfield. Further away is the flatter countryside of mid-Cheshire, and the towns of Holmes Chapel and Middlewlch. In the right centre is Jodrell Bank radio telescope and rising towards the right, the Peckforton Hills.

CHESHIRE's eastern boundary is a landscape of barren uplands gently falling westwards towards a wide, gently undulating plain.

Here we are looking exactly west from a point two miles south of Kettleshulme, and around 24 miles south east of Manchester. We are high in the hills, and the Cheshire plain spreads out below us. The gently curving, feminine forms of this landscape are made especially apparent in the misty atmospheric conditions of Wednesday 9 March 2001.

Rising above the line of the hill in the centre right is the hill just next to the town of Bollington. Several miles beyond to the left we can see the outline of Alderley Edge, which falls abruptly like a cliff into water. Thousands of years ago the Cheshire plain was a sea - today it almost looks like the sea has returned.

THIS ROCKY RIDGE south of Kettleshulme, on the Derbyshire Cheshire border is typical of many along the Pennines.

This road leads to the Goyt Valley - the River Goyt meets the Etherow at Stockport to form the Mersey.

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