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IT'S APRIL 2001 and I present another Eyewitness in Manchester photoquiz, this one with no less than 52 image files displaying scenes captured in and around Manchester during March and April. As ever, there is no particular theme, just a mixed assortment of views captured whilst I've been out and about. Click on the image file A B or C - the correct answer is displayed in the javascript pop-up window. For the time being can I ask you to keep your score using a carbon-based non-magnetic re-writable information storage and display device - in other words: A pencil and paper! More advanced score-keeping methods are in perparation.


THIS CINEMA AND LEISURE COMPLEX OPENED IN APRIL 2001. It came about through a unique arrangement with a school which shares the site. Part of the land was sold to developers for the leisure complex and in return, the school benefited from new buildings.

As well as a state of the art multiplex cinema, there are pool halls, a bowling alley and next door, a bingo hall. There was some local opposition to the development. It remains to be seen what impact it has on this area

Eyewitness says: With its glowing neon lights, it looks superb at night but by day it looks like a shed due to exterior use of industrial-type materials such as corrogated steel.

As a schoolboy I used to wait at the bus stop on the left on my way home to Cheadle Heath from Xaverian College. At that time and until very recently this was just a quiet layby with a garden wall and trees.

Where is this cinema located? Clue: It's also the name of the school

a) Bury b) Birchwood c) Parrs Wood


A PARK, A STONE, A CINEMA, former site of the Manchester Hippodrome and key south eastern gateway leading into Manchester city centre.

Where is this location (and can anyone tell me about the stone - please contact)

a) Parrs Wood b) Ardwick Green c) Grosvenor Square All Saints


CORONATION STREET - one of the most celebrated programme titles in television drama, and the name of a number of streets in present-day Greater Manchester.

This particular Coronation Street can be found in the Salford suburb of Ordsall, running parallel to Regent Road and not far from Salford Quays. Both legendary rock singer and poet Morrissey, as well as world-famous Salford tenor Russell Watson have had their photographs taken on the steps of Salford Lads' Club.

But what is the status of the Coronation Street pictured here. Is it:

a) The original street which was the inspiration for the soap opera created by Tony Warren b) A street which has subsequently been named Coronation Street c) The Granada TV set where Coronation St is recorded.


SALFORD'S - AND MANCHESTER'S - MOST FAMOUS PAINTER L S Lowry lived on Station Road, in the house immediately to the left of lamp post in the upper picture.

He painted many of the locations in this area, including mill and factory buildings, railway scenes, playgrounds, houses and lots more.

Though the district has changed, many of the sites familiar to L S Lowry are still there today.

Which district is this?

a) Mottram in Longdendale b) Pendlebury c) Pendleton


THE GRANT'S ARMS pub is a legend in its own time. Visiting this West Indian-owned pub is a little bit like walking into Jamaica - The Jamaican colours of red, yellow and green are painted on the exterior, and inside you'll find reggae music, Jamaican food, dreadlocked singers and lots of Afro-Carribean faces. I spent the latter part of St Patrick's night 2001 here and found a warmer welcome and a more congenial atmosphere than in many an Irish bar. In the right hand photograph we see talented reggae singer Prince Hammer.

The Grant's Arms is in the racially diverse district of Hulme in central Manchester. It's located on a road dedicated to a famous maker of motor cars with a Manchester connection. What is the name of the road?

a) Royce Road b) Crossley Road c) Ford Lane


HERE'S A PUB chosen at random from the thousands of pubs in Greater Manchester.

Nothing remarkable to distinguish it from other places, apart from the fact this is one of the places I visited during a St Patrick's Night pub crawl.

You might already know the pub, or maybe you recognise the general location, but in which Manchester district, with Irish connections, is this pub located?

a) Levenshulme b) Chorlton c) Cheetham


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