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STOCKPORT MBC IS SITUATED TO THE SOUTH EAST OF MANCHESTER CITY CENTRE and is one of the 10 Greater Manchester districts. The present Metropolitan Borough was formed in 1974 out of the old County Borough of Stockport together with a number of surrounding districts. The ancient Lancashire Cheshire boundary is runs along the Mersey which commences in Stockport and passes through the town. Stockport MBC is an amazingly diverse local authority area with a whole range of different characters. This update gives a small sample of what you'll see if you're out and about in July 2001.You'll notice there are many new developments going on in the area, and I've also included a couple of 'Then and Now' photographs which document the subtle changes taking place, one of the most striking of which is the increasing size and impact of the tree population.

STOCKPORT TOWN HALL stands on the A6 Wellington Road South and faces the old Stockport Infirmary building. The Town Hall was built in the first decade of the 20th century, and is in the neo-Baroque style. Cleaning and renovation of the clock tower was completed in mid-2001.

STOCKPORT TOWN HALL is seen here from the west side of the A6. The neo-baroque clock tower, recently cleaned, rises high above the road and is a major landmark in and around Stockport.

New contemporary style streetlamps have recently been installed on this section of Wellington Road.

The old Stockport Infirmary building is off the picture to the right. At the traffic lights is the junction with Greek Street.

EWM says: I don't like the street lights, the design looks cheap and tacky.

STOCKPORT INFIRMARY was for many years the main hospital in the central area of the town and had an A&E unit. With the trend towards larger hospitals on single sites, its facilities were transferred to Stepping Hill Hospital, and the building was vacated.

The impressive neo-Classical 18th century facade stands on a sloping site just south of the town centre, on the A6 Wellington Road south. In 2001, what was the old infirmary is being transformed. Behind the facade, the old building has been demolished and a new complex of luxury apartments is being built. The newly constructed part is just visible on the right hand side.

Eyewitness says: This is a great new use for one of Stockports oldest surviving facades.

THE COUNTRYSIDE NEAR WOODFORD is seen here from the A5102 Wilmslow Road near Woodford. We are looking south east towards the hills around Bollington. The outer boundary of Stockport MBC runs through the fields to the right of the picture.

This pastoral scene with trees, rolling fields, cows and distant hills is typical of the English countryside, and is just 5 and a half miles (9km) from Stockport town centre, 12 miles (19km) south of Manchester city centre.

EWM says: This is one of my favourite bits of countryside anywhere.

HAZEL GROVE is a mainly residential district situated to the south east of Stockport MBC. Here we see the point where the A6 Buxton Road (left) and the A523 Macclesfield Road meet.

The junction is overlooked by Rising Sun pub, and just behind is the viaduct which carries the Manchester to Sheffield railway line.

HAZEL GROVE is located on the busy A6. We are looking north along the A6 London Road. The trees of Torkington Park are visible in the centre right.

On an 1840 map of Cheshire, this area is marked as Norbury and there is no mention of Hazel Grove. The parish church, which is just behind the trees to the left, bears the name Norbury, though on the contemporary map, the name is absent.

Here the road looks relatively quiet, but on weekdays there are traffic jams. A proposed by-pass, shown on my 1992 A-Z street atlas, was never built.

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