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MANCHESTER CITY CENTRE is changing all the time, with new buildings springing up, old ones coming down and some areas, such as Piccadilly Gardens, being transformed out of all recognition. In many areas, the buildings remain but have been cleaned and renovated. Manchester has never had so many cranes on its skyline and at every street corner there's some change, some alteration, some new addition and occasionally an older feature is revealed. Let's go on another stroll round the city centre to see how things are looking in July 2001. We'll start in one of the oldest areas of the city centre, which is about to be turned into one of the most futuristic...

CONSTRUCTION OF THE URBIS CENTRE is well advanced, with the main structure of the building in place and the exterior glass cladding already complete on the Corporation St side. It's Wednesday 1st August 2001 at around 5pm.

On the right is the Printworks entertainment complex, and on the left is part of the Corn Exchange which houses the Triangle shopping centre.

The Urbis Centre will be a museum of the city. It was initiated by Manchester City Council and looks like it's going to be one one of their success stories.

THE URBIS CENTRE UNDER CONSTRUCTION is captured here, along with the Commonwealth Games topiaries or plant scuptures. They were recently installed in Exchange Square but they've been removed temporarily to the Urbis Centre construction site because of the presence in Manchester of large numbers of Celtic football fans. Its Wednesday 1st August 2001.

We can see the sloping roof and the tracks for the lifts, said to be the only ones in Europe which move upwards at an angle.

THE OLD SHAMBLES may arguably be a travesty of historical truth now it has been moved from its original location and reconstructed millenium-style, but it's a very popular attraction. The new L-shaped arrangement is a successful layout and makes for an attractive place to sit and have a beer or a meal.

To the right is the Corn Exchange, to the left, the Mitre Hotel.

Today Wednesday 1 August 2001, large numbers of Celtic football fans have descended on the city for a game with Manchester United.

THIS IS EXCHANGE SQUARE, with Corporation Street running along the right. This part of the street is reserved for buses during daytime hours but is open to all traffic in the evening.

On the right is the north west facade of the Arndale Centre, currently covered in large pictures while it awaits its makeover.

The Printworks is on the left and rising above it we see the CIS Building.

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