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ON THESE QUIZ PAGES I gather together some pictures taken out and about during August and September, plus one or two quirky items. Test your knowledge of historical and contemporary Manchester and discover a little about what's happening to our city. Make sure your javascript is enabled so you can see the pop up windows. I start with an EWM-related story which made the front page of the Manchester Evening News.

A MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS FRONT PAGE from Saturday July 28th 2001. Robbie Williams is on the right, and Ray O'Neill, Eyewitness in Manchester reader in Portland Oregon is on the left.

How did an ex-Manchester cop finish up sharing a front page with one of the UK's most controversial pop singers, and what's the significance of the bent railings?

NUMBER ONE PICCADILLY GARDENS is seen here in an architectural visualisation displayed at the site where this brick and glass structure will soon start to take shape.

Manchester City Council's plan to put an office block on a city centre green space has aroused considerable controversy, but they say it was necessary in order to pay for the makeover on the rest of the gardens.

What is the name of the street, to the left of this picture, which the new building will overlook?

A TASTE OF THE FUTURE is seen here in this view captured next to the tram lines at Piccadilly Gardens. The posters on the left announce "This is the new Piccadilly Gardens" and "This is not Hong Kong, this is Manchester".

If our sight could penetrate through concrete, we would see the corner of Oldham Street and Piccadilly.

EWM says: Did anyone warn Manchester city council that rain-soaked concrete doesn't make a very pleasant sight on a drizzly Manchester day?

But just what exactly is this structure, and who designed it?

THIS IS THE ROYAL DAFFODIL, owned by Mersey Ferries, on the final leg of its journey from Liverpool Pier Head to Salford Quays. Here it is passing the Lowry.

The Manchester Ship Canal Cruise has become one of the north west's premier attractions - nearly every cruise was booked out during summer 2001. I rode on the last one of the year on 23 Sept 2001.

It takes half an hour to drive from the end of the M602 at Salford to the end of the M62 at Liverpool, but how many hours does the cruise take?

STABLES, a clock tower and a view through an archway over the fields of Cheshire.

This property passed to the National Trust in 1978 when the last remaining owner died without heirs.

It's close to the southern border of Trafford Metropolitan Borough, marked by the river Bollin which is about ten minutes walk.

What is the name of this property and what modern-day feature (some would say scourge) did I remove from the view through the archway?

WE ARE LOOKING from the former Daily Express building over the rooftops of Ancoats.

Factory buildings are visible on the left. In the distance we can see a church on Waterloo Road Cheetham Hill.

On the right is an unusually shaped building, with a tall, grimy facade and a high chimney.

What is, or was this building?

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