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Salford may invite private companies to augment bus services at peak times. Many workers are having to wait up to three quarters of an hour for a bus at peak times. Others don't bother waiting and walk to the bus terminus in order to obtain a seat. Salford is currently one of the towns worst affected by the shortage of vehicles.

On Monday, Gracie Fields was back in Manchester for the first time since 1943. She gave a talk at the BBC's Broadcasting House, in Piccadilly. Next week she will sing at Champness Hall in Rochdale, as part of her BBC radio programme "Gracie's Working Party".

On Tuesday, an Avro Tudor flew to the Woodford aircraft factory for urgent modifications before the works holiday this weekend. The modifications were completed in a rush 48 hour job, and the aircraft took off on Friday on a last testing flight to Jamaica. It was carrying 2000 gallons of fuel and was piloted by Air Vice Marshall D. C. Bennett, Managing Director of British South American Airways. The Tudor, which based on the extremely successful Lancaster bomber, has been at the centre of controversy, due to criticism of its design.

A US order for English lager may guarantee the jobs of brewery workers for nine years. The order was received by Red Tower Lager Brewery Ltd of Moss Side. A brewery official said that American troops had acquired a taste for English lager while stationed here. In America, there is a preference for English-brewed lager over Dutch and Danish imports. The brewery hope that by selling beer to the United States, they can reap in much needed dollars.

The CWS bank has reduced its interest rate on deposit accounts from two and a half to two per cent. This still compares favourably with the joint stock banks, who offer only a half a percent.

A new 10 day service to New York was inaugrated, using American ships converted so they can negotiate the Manchester Ship Canal. The ships carry passengers and cargo. The first one, "The American Traveler" left on Thursday. The single fare is 52.

A "black out" storm on Wednesday caused widespread flooding in Manchester on Wednesday. Homes, shops and factories were badly affected. Traffic had to be diverted around "lakes" and the LNER Wilbraham Road railway station, in Chorlton, had flood water lapping just below the edge of the platform. The Bury electric line and Stalybridge line were also blocked by flood water.

A temporary car park is to open on the blitzed area around Parker-street, York-street, George-street and Portland-street. 250 - 300 cars can be accommodated in the area. The owners of the land have been kind enough to lease it to the Corporation so that the car park can be run without cost.

Presented to replace the Mumbles lifeboat, lost a few months ago during a storm, the new lifeboat, named "Manchester and Salford" left Cowes for its station today after successful trials. The vessel is a gift to the South Wales town of Mumbles from the people of Manchester and Salford.

Between 150,000 and 200,000 people left 15 Lancashire and West Riding towns to start one of the biggest Wakes Weeks of the year. Queues for seats on coaches for Rochdale holidays - still one month ahead - formed just after midnight. Before 5 a.m. there was a large crowd and by 9 a.m. 500 tickets had been sold.

The towns on holiday during the coming week include Glossop, Hadfield, Blackburn and Stalybridge. Preferred holiday destinations are the South-west and Scotland. More and more holiday makers are now going by air to Ireland, France and Switzerland.

The forecast is for light winds and fair periods followed later by thunderstorms. Temperatures will be warm.

Mr Emmanuel Shinwell, Fuel Minister, said that coal production was up on last year, and that as much coal could be produced in a five day week as in a six day week. He said that only if miners specifically asked for it would he consider lengthening miners hours and re-introducing a 6 day week. (The picture above left shows Astley Colliery, Lancashire)

Night shifts are to be made compulsory, starting on the first of October. The staggering of working hours is necessary due to the fuel shortage. There has been some objection to night shifts in the cotton industry due to the high number of married women employed in cotton mills.

Text and photo by Aidan O'Rourke
Based on reports in the Manchester Evening News

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