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Five people were killed and at least thirty were injured, 8 seriously, when the 8.30 am express from Euston to Liverpool and Manchester was derailed near Nuneaton on Monday morning. The engine left the rails around 11am. 14 out of 16 coaches toppled onto their sides. The train was due to split at Crewe, with some coaches going to Liverpool and some to Manchester. The main line was blocked for 24 hours.

At the Ministry of Transport enquiry on Friday, driver S. Owen said he was doing 60 mph and felt the engine rolling severely. The enquiry continues over the coming days.

Laurel & Hardy appeared at the Manchester Palace Theatre this week. Thirty-seven years ago, Stan Laurel understudied Charlie Chaplin at the old Ardwick Empire. Of his current visit, Stan said "one thing six months in England has done for me - it's slimmed me by 40 lb".

The conversion of tram routes in Manchester has had to be put back due to the slow delivery of buses. The Transport Department had expected a tram-free city by now. The trams continue to lose a large amount of money. Buses made a profit of 223,719, trolleybus routes made 30,707, but trams produced a loss of 161,205.

Lancashire County Council are planning to divide the county into three "ridings" based on Manchester, Liverpool and Preston. The East Riding would take in Manchester, Salford, Bury, Rochdale, Oldham and Leigh. The proposal will be debated next week.

City Surveyor Mr Rowland Nicholas, said that three overspill towns, each of 50,000 people, would have to be completed over the next ten years. Manchester has about 62,500 houses over 70 years old - medical officers consider 68,000 were unfit for human habitation before the war.

Vegetables are cheaper this week than at any time this year. Cabbages are on sale from 3d to 6d, cauliflowers 6d to 9d, and green peas are available for 9d a pound. A vegetable factor at Smithfield Market said prices would go up if it rains. Wholesalers at Smithfield market telephoned Lincolnshire growers to reduce deliveries of vegetables due to a glut. During the course of the week, prices fell sharply and many lettuces were left rotting. Rain in Lincolnshire by the end of the week prevented prices from falling further.

Hooligan children ruined months of research work at a Middleton (Lancs) Corporation clinic this week. The raiders, aged 10 and under, scattered records about the building, poured sticky liquid over desks and chairs and cut valuable plants level with their pots.

Two people were killed and three critically burned today when a blazing car was trapped between two motor coaches in the Blackpool traffic on Bolton Road, Chorley. The accident was made even more serious by the release of toxic gas. Onlookers said it was worse than anything thay had seen during the Blitz.

2000 people were left waiting at Exchange Station today after five trains had left for north Wales between 8 am and noon, each one full. A special train was laid on, which took all but 200 of them, who went to the front of the queue for the first afternoon departure. Towns on holiday this week include Gorton, Newton Heath, Bacup, Bollington and Rawtenstall, where 5000 of the 6000 workers have set off on holiday.

The weather forecast is for light to moderate variable wind. It will be cloudy with local rain in the north. It will feel warm and close.

Text by Aidan O'Rourke
Based on reports in the Manchester Evening News

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