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With ancient religious pageantry, the Right Reverend William Derrick Lindsay Greer was enthroned as the seventh Bishop of Manchester on Tuesday. To a trumpet fanfare, the Bishop, dressed in robes of purple, scarlet and white, halted at the west door and knocked three times with an oak mallet. Civic heads from Manchester, Salford, and surrouding towns were among a congregation of 1500.

Imperial Chemicals (Pharmaceuticals) Ltd are to base their new headquarters near Alderley. Work there will be on the development of products for the treatment of diseases in human beings and animals.

Last Monday was the first day of staggered working hours, which have been introduced by the government in order to reduce electricity demand. Mr C.T.S. Arnett, area manager for the Central Electricity Board said that promises to save energy were not being fulfilled, especially by domestic users. The response to the drive to save energy has been described as disappointing.

Four hundred workers from eight light engineering firms in Openshaw began work one hour earlier on Monday morning. Seven extra buses ran at 6.45 am to accommodate them. One of the firms is Francis Shaw & Co. Ltd, rubber and hydraulic engineers, of Ashton Old Road. The works uses 50,000 units of electricity a month at a cost of 200. Managers there have gone to extra lengths to save power, and have worked out new schedules for their workers. The introduction of staggered working hours is being hailed as a revolution in Britain's industries.

The Joint Committee for the Peak District National Park have asked the Prime Minister, Mr Attlee, to save Lyme Park from open cast mining. A rich seam of coal was discovered under the park. An enquiry is currently in progress which will decide whether mining will go ahead or not. Over 1000 visitors were shown around Lyme Hall this weekend. A novel method of controlling the crowds was used - an official observed the grounds from a look-out point on the tower, and used a loudspeaker to speak to them if they broke any rules. Stockport Corporation recently took over the running of Lyme Hall.

Manchester's parks are to be cleaned up and restored - The job may take three years and cost thousands of pounds. At Heaton Park, the 400 acres acquired by the Air Ministry are to be returned for public use. At Ardwick Green, the paddling pool is to be replaced by flower beds, and the gun site at Birchfields Park is to be cleared.

Manchester's tobacconists have been preparing for the worst - if the dollar shortage brings a slump, the price of a packet of cigarettes will rise from three shillings and fourpence to six shillings. The manageress of one city kiosk said: "If that happens, we may as well close down altogether".

A Manchester pilot made a 50 mph emergency landing today - on the Delft to Rotterdam Highway. Mr P Michelson, former Manchester Grammar School pupil, who has 22 years flying experience, ran low in fuel, and decided to land on the road. No-one was injured - the cars moved clear as soon as they saw the plane coming.

And in Brazennose-street, Manchester, a horse-drawn railway cart, laden with more than five tons of radio equipment, ran away down the street this afternoon. The occupants of a stationary taxi had to jump clear before the cart hurled the taxi through the plate glass window of a bookshop. The driver, Edmund Owen, of Newley Rd, BEnchill, saw the cart coming towards his taxi, and shouted: "Jump, or we've had it". The driver of the cart, Mr Harold Airbridge, said the two horses found the load too much for them.

The weather at Ringway Airport on Monday morning was foggy, causing some disruption to air services. The fog lifted later, and temperatures went up. The unusually warm weather of late has caused birds to delay their migration. At Clowes Park, Broughton, only a few water hens and some seagulls were seen this week. The Air Ministry forecast for the rest of the weekend is for moderate to fresh south westerly wind, with clear periods inland.

An attractive young woman was shot outside the Berkeley Hotel, Piccadilly, London. And later in the week another woman was shot at a military camp. Neither has suffered life-threatening injuries.

Mr Emmanuel Shinwell is to leave the MInistry of Fuel and will go to the War Office.

A rocket powered model plane reached 900mph over the Atlantic on Wednesday. On the same day, the 126 ton Brabazon aircraft was christened by Sir Alec Coryton.

The Assistant Master at Rugeley School was cleared of flogging boys, though he admitted to administering mild corporal punishment.

In the National Coal Board's emergency plan, reported on Saturday, householders willing to offer a room to a miner can get extra dockets for blankets, sheets, quilts, mattresses and beds.

Text by Aidan O'Rourke

Based on reports in the Manchester Evening News

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