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Salford will have a womens' police force, it was announced on Monday. There will be an Inspector, two sergeants and twenty constables in the new squad, which will join Salford's permitted force of 345 men. Manchester has a permitted strength of 1456 men and 24 women. The percentage of female officers Salford will be one of the highest in the country.

And in Salford, police raided Paradise Row last Saturday and found a betting ring and a crowd between 100 and 150 strong making bets on horse races. Paradise is an area adjoining Evans-street in Greengate, Salford. Eighteen punters were each charged 1 and 6, and others were charged 10. Detective Chief Inspector C. Barnfield said that two betting pitches had been set up, and results were posted as each result became known.

Since January one Manchester departmental store has lost 2,750 women's garments worth 2,500 and 18,000 coupons. These facts emerged when a 46 year old Hulme woman was charged with shoplifting at the City Magistrates Court. She said she had taken a dress worth 2 3s 6d on the spur of the moment.

During a trial in Bolton of four men accused of dealing in stolen cars, a policeman gave evidence that chassis numbers had been removed from the cars. The problem of stolen cars in northern England was mentioned in the July 12th edition of this feature.

Manchester Town Hall is deciding what to do with the Blitzed Free Trade Hall. The pavement on Peter-street was roped off following the collapse of debris. The nine arches leading to the vestibule have been boarded up.

Plans for the development of Ringway Airport have had to be shelved due to the economic crisis. At present there is no return same day service from Ringway to London - the London plane leaves at 9 am, and the return from London leaves at noon. A plane returning to Manchester is envisaged for seven or eight o'clock in the evening. And air fares are due to be revised. The new Manchester to London fares are as follows: Single: 4 1s 0d; Ordinary monthly return 6 19s 0d; Sixty day return: 7 7s 0d.

On Thursday, a fire at a Manchester University experimental workshop nearly spread to greenhouses containing thousands of pounds worth of plants. The fire started in a shed adjoining the tropical plant section. The experimental grounds are located at Whitworth Lane, Fallowfield, to the rear of "The Firs", official residence of Sir John Stopford, Vice Chancellor of the University.

Mae West was mobbed at London's Euston Station today, as station staff and passengers crowded round her compartment for a peep at "Diamond Lil". The actress is to star in the show of the same name at Manchester's Palace Theatre. The train departed for Manchester at 12.15.

There was an area of high pressure extending from Biscay to Baltic in the middle of the week, causing ground frost in many districts, and colder temperatures. Today's Air Ministry forecast is for cloudy weather, with occasional slight rain or drizzle. Becoming milder.


A plot by the Jewish Stern Gang to assassinate Aneurin Bevan was uncovered this week.

The 35 year old mannequin injured in a shooting outside the Berkeley Hotel, London last week told how her estranged lover travelled from Paris and tried to shoot her "because he loved her".

A new two-way radio scheme for the police, currently on trial in Hertfordshire, will be adopted in the whole country.

All 69 passengers were rescued from a flying boat which, due to strong headwinds, had to set down in the mid-Atlantic near a weather ship. A series of "floating 'dromes" stretching across the Atlantic is planned.

A huge mudslide threatening the LMS Todmorden to Burnley railway has been halted.

Text by Aidan O'Rourke

Based on reports in the Manchester Evening News

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