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The water situation in Manchester has become so desperate that water in homes is to be cut off on November the 11th, unless there is an improvement in the situation. Over 1,250,000 people will have to draw water from standpipes, though those living near hospitals may not be affected by the cut-off.

There was heavy rain over Thirlmere and Haweswater, in the Lake District, on Monday, but none over Longendale, Cheshire, the main source of water for the city.

Labour are shocked after large Conservative gains in the local elections. Labour are still the biggest group on Manchester City Council, but they have lost "star councillors" such as Mr H Quinney at Moss Side West, and Mrs Bessy Yarwood, at Wythenshawe.

Hordes of children and youths were seen early in the week chopping down trees in Boggart Hole Clough and Blackley Park. It was the same story in Phillips Park, where trees, privets and wooden fences were taken by 2 gangs of schoolchildren. The wood ended up on bonfires on Wednesday night. The gangs are armed with axes and knives and have their own calls, whistles and signals which they use to warn each other of approaching policemen, park keepers and watchmen.

Amateur photographers have had to put up with a shortage of film, and have been going back to using plates.

One Manchester supplier said that no film had been delivered for two months, and there was little prospect of further deliveries. There is no shortage of photographic paper, however.

Buckets have now become almost impossible to obtain, due the impending water cut-off. Housewives who queued at Lewis's this week were told that all galvanised buckets had sold out within half an hour. There are plentiful supplies, said one assistant, but they are all for export

Life is returning to one of Manchester's "ghost" areas - the area around Oxford Road at All Saints. The Town Planning Department has been receiving calls to re-open shops there. All Saints Post Office, on Oxford Road, re-opened recently.

Two men escaped from Strangeways Prison on Friday. Police are checking second hand clothing dealers and lodging houses. The prisoners - Thomas Evelyn Aubrey Greenwood, 25, and John Thomas Maher, 29, scaled a 20 foot outer wall and ran off in different directions. Both were serving four year sentences for breaking-in offences, and have escaped on previous occasions.

The weather forecast is for fresh or strong winds. Showers will be followed by fair periods. Temperatures 55 - 58 degrees.


There were 523 fatal car accidents during September, 40% more than in September 1946.

Five people were killed on Friday in railway crashes which in thick fog. This brings the total killed on the railways this year to 89, the worst since 1915.

Rationing of potatoes is "imminent" according to government sources.

The Queen Mary left Southampton on Wednesday - 25 hours late, due to a strike by crew.

Text by Aidan O'Rourke

Based on reports in the Manchester Evening News

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