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Manchester's great water cut-off was postponed on Monday due to a change in the weather, and voluntary savings. Distribution of water using stand-pipes should have commenced on Tuesday. Instead, millions of tons of water fell on the north-west on that day, one and a half inches on the Longendale reservoir and three inches on Thirlmere.

And at the end of Sunday night's Halle performance of Mendelssohn's "Elijah", which contains the words "The rivers are exhausted, the suckling's tongue now cleaveth for thirst to his mouth", a heavy downpour caused loud clattering on the roof of the Belle Vue concert hall.

Manchester's first woman Lord Mayor was installed on Monday. Alderman Mary Kingsmill-Jones received the congratulations of retiring Lord Mayor Alderman T.H. Adams.

And in a similar ceremony in Salford, Alderman & Mrs J Brentnall became the new Mayor and Mayoress. Due to ration-book anomalies, Mayor Kingsmill Jones will not be living in her apartments in Manchester Town Hall - if she did, she would have to give up ration points, as the Town Hall is classed as a hotel, so she will be staying at her home in Withington.

At the Manchester City Magistrates Court on Wednesday, a woman who had obtained 25 rasion books for a family of six, was sent to prison for three months.

Of the seven convicts who have escaped from Strangeways Prison in the last five days, three are still at large, including one of the two who escaped last week.

The prison holds 800 male and 300 female prisoners. There is approximately one warder to 10 or 12 inmates.

Fashionable and colourful textiles were on display at the Colour, Design and Style Centre in Manchester. The cotton Board's chairman, Sir Raymond Sstreet, said he hoped to see Manchester as a centre for the connoisseur of textile design.

On Wednesday, the eve of Mr Dalton's budget, cigarettes were virtually unavailable in Manchester. 350,000 people have signed a petition to keep down the price of cigarettes but in the budget, there was no changed in tobacco prices (more below).

Broadcasters in Manchester are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the very first radio transmission in the city , which took place on November the 15th, 1922. The wireless has come a long way since then, though television has yet to be seen outside the London area.

Two 6-wheeled lorries crashed at Fairfield-street and London Road on Friday. One of them scattered its load of wood, blocking the road and causing traffic jams.

Snow has fallen in the hills near Buxton, and there are three inches above Ambleside in the Lake District. Light snow and sleet are expected to reach Manchester soon, along with gusty winds. City temperatures this morning were 35 degrees at 9am, rising to 45 degrees at noon. It will be very cold.

Mr Dalton delivered his budget on Thursday, and subsequently resigned - After leaking part of the budget to John Carvel of "The Star", the Chancellor felt obliged to stand down. Mr Stafford Cripps is to take on the job.

It was a "stop-spending" budget with increases in taxes on alcohol, whisky, beer, totes and pools. Purchase tax and profits tax are to increase substantially. Smokers were relieved to hear that tax on tobacco is unchanged.

Text by Aidan O'Rourke

Based on reports in the Manchester Evening News

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