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Millions throughout the world heard the shy, whispered "I will" of Princesss Elizabeth at Westminster Abbey on Thursday.

Alderman Miss Mary Kingsmill Jones, Lord Mayor of Manchester, sent greetings from the City of Manchester to the royal couple.

Tens of thousands of people from the North-west took overnight trains to be in London for the ceremony. Half a million children in Lancashire looked forward to a one-day holiday with cakes, tea and concerts in their school classrooms.

All over the North-west, flags were up and bells rang, but for most people, it was work as usual, and Manchester was quiet. Women did their shopping early so as to be back by the radio in time to hear the wedding.

Two local men who had hoped to watch the service on a television set were disappointed when they discovered their aerial mast had been blown down by high winds.

The Gaumont Cinema has come up with a novel response to the current shortage of feature films: At the end of "The Long Night", the lead character is arrested for murder. We know he killed the person, but the verdict could be manslaughter. After the film ends, the drama continues as a stage play - 12 members of the audience are selected for a jury, and two professional actors play judge and counsel.

At the beginning of the week, two of the recently-escaped Strangeways prisoners were still at large, but on Thursday, Thomas Evelyn Aubrey Greenwood was caught in Fielden St, Miles Platting. Police are still looking for the other escapee, Martin Patrick Philip Hamilton.

North-west traffic chiefs foresee serious public transport problems this winter. Bus queues are likely to lengthen still further. The reasons are train fare increases, the abolition of basic petrol and more workers in the city. Firms are being asked to stagger working hours, and housewives are urged to get their shopping over by 4.30pm.

Passengers have complained about fare anomalies on the railways. If you buy the ticket in Crumpsall, the journey from Crumpsall to Liverpool will cost 9 shillings and 10d,

but if you buy separate tickets - Crumpsall to Manchester for eightpence halfpenny and Manchester to Liverpool for 8 shillings and 11d, the fare is only 9 shillings and sevenpence halfpenny.

Liverpool to Glasgow, a distance of 221 miles, costs 53s 4d, but Manchester to Glasgow, 223 miles, costs 60s 7d.

30,500 has been alocated for the development of Princess Road, described as the city's most important approach from the south. The money will be used for road widening, cycle tracks, and the planting of shrubs. And at Ringway Airport, night landings are currently being made on a flare path. But after installation work, all three runways will have electric lighting down both sides. There are also plans to extend the runways.

A mannequin parade at the Midland Hotel confirmed the shape and length of next year's clothes. An hour glass shape was in evidence, with a skirt length of 11, 12 and 14 inches from the ground. Due to fur trimmings (taxed at 125%), some of the coats on show reached prices of 65 and 75.

The Lord Mayor of Manchester, Miss Mary Kingsmill Jones, visited the Atom Train Exhibition, currently in Victoria Station. Professor P.M.S. Blackett, scientist, described the use of the atom bomb for diplomacy as "a very dangerous situation". Lord Rutherford first disintegrated the atom in Manchester 30 years ago. The travelling exhibition is here for nine days.

Thousands of railway workers helped to speed up the turn-around of railway waggons by working overtime this weekend. And Lancashire miners have again exceeded the 300,000 ton mark this week.

Many Lancashire householders have found their walls dripping with water. The reason, according to the Meteorological Officer at Ringway, is a sudden rise in temperature and air humidity. These climatic conditions are the result of warm air from the Azores bringing unreasonable humidity. At 11am this morning, the temperature in Manchester was 60 degrees and the humidity was 80-90%.

The hothouse weather will continue for another two days.

In a ceremony full of pomp and ancient ritual, Princess Elizabeth and Lieutenant Mountbatten were married in Westminster Abbey on Thursday.

King Phumiphon Aduldet of Thailand has been warned of a threat of assassination. The 20 year old king is studying in Switzerland.

Mr Attlee says the inquiry into the resignation of Mr Hugh Dalton will avoid slanders.

James Gaunt, editor of the Morcambe and Heysham Visitor was found not guilty of libel. Mr Gaunt had published articles warning about the Jews in Britain.

Text by Aidan O'Rourke

Based on reports in the Manchester Evening News

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