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Two men who had "backed all the losers" at the Manchester Races last Saturday tried to recoup their losses by offering a fellow punter the name of a horse running at Birmingham "who was bound to win" - in return for five pounds. Unfortunately for them the person they chose turned out to be Det. Eric Parfitt of Salford Police. In court at Salford on Monday, both men were sent to prison for two months.

Ecclesia, a Manchester-based Dakota, returned to Ringway airport on Monday after taking part in "Operation India". For a month, the plane flew non-stop, carrying refugees from India and Pakistan. The pilots were A. Lander and B. Ellis.

Manchester Corporation will launch a new waste paper campaign, it was announced on Thursday. 250 tons per month are currently saved - this figure is to be increased to 500 tons. Householders will be issued with a bag in which waste paper can be separated from other refuse. Applications for the bags should be made to the Salvage Office, Town Hall, Manchester.

Moss Side butcher Joseph Jee was fined 175 with 12 3s costs for dealing in 2,242 lbs of "black market" meat. The meat, valued at 73, changed hands on a lonely road outside Bury. The defence stated he traded in a working class district, and had been tempted into supplying poor customers with a little more meat than the ration allowed.

Percy Platt, a 23 year old chef, was sentenced to 18 months in prison after he stole a car, attempted to ram a police patrol car and then jumped out, after which the car crashed. Inspector A. Ackroyd said Platt had already been charged six times with car theft.

Manchester United are to build a stadium holding 120,000. Mr J.W. Gibson outlined the plans at the AGM of Manchester United shareholders on Thursday.

He said the scheme would cost 100,000 and would be carried through when the present shortages of steel and timber have eased.

The Lyme Park open cast mining plan is to be scrapped. Large deposits of coal have been found under the park and adjacent land. The estate was donated last summer by Lord Newton to the National Trust.

After last week's record output of 300,000 tons, north-west pits are this week aiming for 320,000 tons. 47 pits were on overtime this weekend.

Yesterday saw the coldest November morning of the year so far. Temperatures fell to show 13 degrees of frost. Frost and fog delayed trains and aircraft, and reduced the Manchester gas pressure to 50% of normal.

And today, a motor coach skidded on ice-bound Dickenson Road and tore down railings at a bus stop. On Market Street, milk bottles were scattered when a tram was apparently in collision with a milk cart.

The weather forecast is for more frost, fair, but COLD!

Manchester-based Marks Circuit Cinemas were fined 30 for showing below the permissible minimum of 15% British films.

Labour held East Edinburgh on Thursday with a majority of 5,416

Minister for Food, Mr John Strachey announced extra Christmas rations for meat, sugar and sweets.

The basic petrol ration ends at midnight tomorrow - the RAC and AA are to petition Downing Street - one million motorists have signed.

British servicemen are in London to lobby Mr Molotov to allow their Russian-born wives to join them in this country

A Communist- led strike by communication workers in France threatens to cut the country off from the outside world. There have been acts of sabotage, including ripping up of track, causing train derailments. M. Schumann is to seek special powers.


Hors d'Oeuvre or creme of celery

Roast Turkey stuffing

Green peas, chipped potatoes

Mince tart or sherry trifle




Text by Aidan O'Rourke

Based on reports in the Manchester Evening News

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