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Test your local knowledge with this quiz based on photos taken during 1999. It's pretty easy, but one or two may stump you! Find out instantly whether you're right or not by clicking on what you think is the correct answer. Keep a tally of your score if you're really serious! Otherwise, have a relaxing New Year 99/00.

1) This city centre railway station was rebuilt in 1960. The striking wooden building was recently returned to its original glory, but what's the name of the station?

a) Deansgate b) Oxford Road c) Piccadilly

2) For years an old warehouse on London Rd lay empty but eventually it re-opened as which hotel?

a) Malmaison b) Piccadilly c) London Road

3) It's lain empty since 1982 - a magnificent turn-of-the-century palace, but what is it excactly?

a) The Old Fire Station b) Cook and Watts Warehouse c) The Royal Infirmary

4) This glass-fronted building looks modern, but it was built pre-WW2 - which newspaper used to be based here?

a) Daily Mail b) Manchester Evening News c) Daily Express

5) In the winter, this hotel facade reflects the sun, but what's the name of the hotel?

a) Britannia Hotel b) Crowne Plaza Midland c) Ramada

6) This is a typical scene of the hilly northern and eastern part of Greater Manchester, with two famous towns to the left and the right. Which towns are we looking at?

a) Oldham and Royton b) Dukinfield and Hyde c) Ashton and Stalybridge


7) Another typical scene of beauty from around Greater Manchester, but where is it?

a) Clifton, Irwell Valley b) Stockport town centre c) Stockport, Reddish Vale

8) This art deco classic on Deansgate faces an uncertain future. Which national newspaper was once produced in this building?

a) The Times b) The Daily Mail c) The Daily Mirror

9) This hospital was badly hit in the war but it survived until it was closed the 1990's. Now it's being turned into apartments. Which hospital is this?

a) Salford Royal Hospital b) Manchester Royal Infirmary c) Hope Hospital

10) Though spoilt by post-war blocks, this town has a distinctive skyline - which town is it?

a) Bolton b) Stockport c) Preston

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