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THE ANTI-WAR MARCH CONTINUES UP MILLER STREET past the CIS Building, still Manchester's tallest office tower forty years after it was built. The appearance of this street was shaped by the effects of war. Warehouses along Miller Street were burnt to the ground during the 1940 Manchester Blitz and replaced by the present skyscraper in 1962.

EWM says: It seems the protesters are going on a peripheral route around the city centre. I'm not sure if they had declared their planned route to the police beforehand.

MOUNTED POLICE accompany the demonstration from beginning to end. Here, the police ride ahead of the demo. Two white horses walk together, accompanied by a black horse just behind. The police officers riding them are kitted out with helmets, visors and reflective jackets. The horses wear visors to protect their eyes. All impeccably groomed, they wear the shiny Greater Manchester Police insignia on their headgear.

EWM says: These magnificent creatures are surely the most dignified participants at the event. Excellently trained, groomed and cared for at the GMP stables Hough End, they provide loyal and unquestioning service, and are a favourite with children and adults alike. They don't have any political affiliations and don't make excessive wage demands!

ANTI-WAR PROTESTERS continue along Great Ancoats Street. Many of them are members of extreme left-wing political groups. The man in the blue cap and the grey fleece jacket carries a placard with the words 'Morning Star - NOT IN OUR NAMES'. There are many Socialist Worker activists present. Some demonstrators play percussion instruments as they march along.

EWM says: It's debatable whether blocking roads and messing up peoples travel plans is an effective way of winning people over to your point of view, though some car drivers caught up in the jam beeped their horns in support of the protesters. I heard many expletives from pedestrians forced to make a detour and many car drivers became frustrated.

THE MARCHERS PROCEED SOUTH along Great Ancoats Street. They haven't turned in towards the city centre as might have been expected. In the upper left is the CIS tower and to the right the mills of Ancoats, with the car park of Central (formerly Ancoats) Retail Park on the right. Six police horses, four white and two black, walk ahead of the protesters who are just crossing the Store Street traffic lights.

EWM says: Soon after taking this photo I left to attend my meeting in the city centre - two hours later than planned!

The protesters continued to the junction of Pin Mill Brow and Ashton New Road, sat down and blocked the road. causing traffic jams in all directions. Demonstrations continued into the evening, and are set to take place for as long as hostilities continue. Now take a look at the opposing viewpoint - a demonstration by members of the Kurdish community, most of whom are in favour of military action in Iraq. Go to Piccadilly, Friday 14th of March 2003...

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