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THE LOWRY GALLERIA CAR PARK provides panoramic views around Salford Quays and the wider conurbation beyond. Here we are looking down and the Detroit bridge. On the right are residential properties, with Victoria office building in the centre, and the Anchorage on the right at the end of the basin.

EWM says: People living in Victoria Point apartment building have views like this all the time!

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FURNESS HOUSE, now owned by Bruntwood Properties, was opened in 1969 as the headquarters of the Manchester Liners shipping company. The curved facade is reminiscent of a ship's bridge.

EWM says: The building has an air of prestige and modernity, anticipating a bright future for the canal and Manchester Liners. 14 years after the building was opened the Ship Canal was formally closed. Furness House has a similarity with the much taller Liberty Hall in Dublin, built earlier in the 1960's. Salford and Dublin were linked for many years by the Guinness boats, which carried the 'black stuff' across the Irish sea from Ireland to England.

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THE DOCK OFFICE was built in 1927, and has the art deco Egyptian-influenced style fashionable of the time. The building wouldn't look out of place on the other side of the Atlantic. The Dock Office has been renovated and now houses a variety of companies.

EWM says: To bring out the character of the building, I've removed the modern elements including the cars at the bottom, lamp posts and mobile phone masts at the top. I've also straightened the verticals.

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THE COAT OF ARMS OF THE MANCHESTER SHIP CANAL COMPANY can be seen on the main gates next to the Dock Office. The company motto is 'Navigation and commerce'. Symbolic elements include a ship, a globe and bees.

EWM says: Coats of arms contain many clues to the history and development of towns, and their industries, and are now back in fashion after falling out of favour during the 1960's.

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SALFORD QUAYS and the Lowry Galleria as seen on the 11th of March 2002. The presence of swans is evidence of how the water quality has improved. The Lowry Galleria was opened November 2001 by the then Mayor of the City of Salford Councillor Jim King.

EWM says: This image speaks volumes about developments in Salford Quays and elsewhere in the local area. You'll find swans in residence at many points along the Manchester Ship Canal.

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MEGAPANORAMA of Trafford Wharf and Salford Quays, with Quay West and the War Museum on the left, Victoria Point and the Lowry Galleria on the right. Both sides are linked by the Lowry footbridge centre left.

EWM says: The Lowry Galleria Designer Outlet offers 70% reductions all year round. This isn't just a gimmick. I bought a fantastic pair of shoes for £24, reduced from £80. The Designer Outlet is well worth a visit, if you haven't been there before.

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THE NATIONAL WATERWAYS FESTIVAL took place in Salford Quays in 1998. Here one canal barge is towing another into the narrow channel opposite the Victoria office building.

EWM says: It was remarkable to see the Quays full of brightly coloured canal boats, all of which had made their way here by canal from over the country.

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WE ARE LOOKING FROM the top of Ontario Basin towards the Galleria and apartment building. The Salford Watersports Centre can be seen on the right next to the water.

EWM says: Move the mouse over the larger picture to compare daytime and nighttime views.

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MANCHESTER UNITED'S OLD TRAFFORD GROUND is a short distance from Trafford Wharf to the south of the Quays. The Manchester United Museum and shop provide another attraction for people visiting the Quays. Here we are looking directly south from near the Salford Watersports Centre. The stadium is set against bright billowing midday clouds. A group of commercial buildings overlook the water on Trafford Wharf.

EWM says: In my opinion it would have been better not to have commercial properties on Trafford Wharf and to use it instead as a waterside park.

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All photos and articles ©Aidan O'Rourke

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