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WE CONTINUE LOOKING at the development by Urban Splash next to the Bridgewater Canal

URBAN SPLASH TIMBER WHARF development is coloured golden in the late afternoon sunlight. On either side of a central column, duplex apartments on the upper floors have a view west over the canals, railway viaducts and empty sites of this former industrial district. To the right is St George's Church.

EWM says: The building, designed by Glenn Howells Architects, is a superb example of what I call old-fashioned modernist architecture, influenced by buildings such as Le Corbusier's 'Unité d'Habitation' in Marseilles from the 1920's.

ST GEORGE'S CHURCH is located next to Chester Road and the end of the Mancunian Way. Its white stone exterior is given a deep brown tint due the afternoon sunlight. The building dates from the early 19th century and was in regular use until well into the post war years. It was converted into apartments to an award-winning design by Provan and Makin.

EWM says: The conversion of a place of worship into a place to residence is either a desecration of a sacred site or an innovative re-use of a beautiful old building, depending on your point of view. Go to the Central Library Local Studies Unit to see how it looked in past times.

URBAN SPLASH have integrated the existing art deco style factory facade overlooking the Bridgewater Canal into their Boxworks development. We are looking from the busy Egerton Street, part of the A57 linking the M602 and Mancunian way.

EWM says: Incorporated into the glass and steel contemporary style apartment complex, the white stone art deco facade looks superb.

THIS OLD INDUSTRIAL BUILDING adjoining the Urban Splash Timber Wharf site has been converted for new use. Details of the facade including the rooftop decorations in stone have been retained.

EWM says: The Hacienda facade should have been incorporated into the new building as the developers have done here.

CROSSING THE A6 on the Mancunian Way, Student and Key Workers Apartments under construction echo the style of the BT building which dates from the 1970's. There is a strong similarity between Urban Splash Timber Wharf and the BT building.

EWM says: Glass buildings and elevated highways are typical of the archetypal modern city, as visualised in the film 'Metropolis', made in the 1920's. It's a far cry from the dark satanic mills and cobbled streets which stood here until recently. First planned in the 1920's, and begun in the 1950's the modernist city is still taking shape in the 2000's.

STUDENT AND KEY WORKER ACCOMMODATION is under construction overlooking the River Medlock where the old warehouse used by MASA used to be. The building follows the curve of the Medlock, which here is in the shadow of the 1994 Mancunian Way flyover which crosses the A6 just down from Piccadilly Station.

EWM says: Another new apartment complex built next to water on the site of some of Manchester's worst slums. A new city is arising on the grave of the old one, but has too much of the old Manchester been swept away and forgotten?

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