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ARDWICK GREEN seen from the west side of Stockport Road, with the war memorial on the left and Georgian style facades on the right. The railings divide the Green from the road.

EWM says: This view of Ardwick Green highlights its character as an elegant Georgian square on the model of London or Dublin.

ARDWICK GREEN on a misty February morning is deserted, apart from one solitary figure. The two main paths lead up towards the south east of the Green next to the roundabout. The war memorial is off the picture to the right.

EWM says: The Green has a neglected air about it. Is the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris as run down as this?

ARDWICK GREEN COMES ALIVE in spring with the appearance of daffodils. St Thomas's church is on the left and the war memorial is on the right.

EWM says: The daffodils provide a welcome splash of colour to an otherwise spartan and less than pristine public garden.

ARDWICK GREEN IN BLOOM - Red and pink flowers blossom on Ardwick Green in the summer months - across the footpath next to the main road is the war memorial.

EWM says: In summer, the flowers transform Ardwick Green into a colourful and attractive place - and yet you still don't see many people there.

ARDWICK GREEN ON A SNOWY WINTERS DAY is deserted. There are hardly any footprints on the snow. We are looking north towards Manchester city centre, with the A6 on the left. In the middle of the picture is the rectangular shaped chimney, rising up from the group of industrial buildings at the top of the Green. The UMIST Reynolds building is on the right.

EWM says: Would Battery Park New York be as deserted as this in the snowy mid-winter?

PANORAMA OF ARDWICK ROUNDABOUT - with the Apollo Theatre on the right and the site of the New Hippodrome Theatre on the left, behind the billboard adverts. The New Hippodrome started out as the Ardwick Empire and was renamed in 1935 after the Manchester Hippodrome on Oxford Street was demolished. In 1961 the Hippodrome was converted into a bowling alley and was finally torn down in 1964 after fire damage. In the middle of the picture, the A57 Hyde road goes straight on towards Denton, Hyde and eastern England. The A6 goes off to the right towards Stockport, Buxton and the south. Red and yellow flowers adorn the grassy centre of the roundabout.

EWM says: It's great that the Apollo is still going strong as a major UK concert venue, but it's a shame that the gap left by the Hippodrome has never been filled.

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