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THE WHITE TILED FACADE OF THE APOLLO CINEMA, now known as the Carling Apollo, is coloured pale pink by the late afternoon sun. The art deco style exterior has been recently been renovated and cleaned.

EWM says: On concert nights, Stockport Road and neighbouring streets are thronged with music fans. This building might easily have disappeared. Thank goodness that Ardwick's connection with music and entertainment continues.

THIS BUILDING on the north side of Hyde Road is next to the vacant site once occupied by the New Manchester Hippodrome, which was demolished in 1964. What looks to have been at one time a cinema, or possibly a billiards hall now serves as a bed and furniture warehouse. All exterior features have been ripped off and the remaining shell has been painted in dark blue, including the metal shutters.

EWM says: At least the building is still in use though it's a shadow of its former self. In a 1960's photograph, the building displayed the words 'Clovella rainwear Mill Retailers Ltd'.

LOOKING ALONG HYDE ROAD the A57, with Nicholls hospital about a quarter of a mile along on the left. Just beyond it is Devonshire Street North bus depot, now used by Stagecoach, and in the distance, the Hyde Road railway bridge, which carries the line to Stockport and London. In the distance we can see the Pennine hills above Hyde. This long straight road was one of a number of turnpike roads built in the 1830's. The streetlamps are of standard Manchester type put up in the late 1960's - the 'Manchester grey' has recently been overpainted in black.

EWM says: Up till the 1970's, shops and houses lined both sides of Hyde Road and Stockport Road. Today most of these buildings have gone, with just grassy spaces on either side. It's a pity there are no new buildings to replace the old ones.

THE FORMER CINEMA on the south side of Hyde Road is built onto the Apollo Theatre, formerly the ABC. The white tiled facade has art deco details and appears as a lesser version of the Apollo. Faded lettering above the door says 'PARLIAMENT'. The building was used as a night club which has since closed.

EWM says: It would be great if this corner of Ardwick could be turned back into a night club and entertainment centre, perhaps with a new hotel on the site of the Hippodrome.

DOLPHIN STREET ARDWICK has some interesting examples of 19th century commercial buildings, many still in use today. The metal fire escape reminds us similar buildings in North America.

EWM says: The fashionable Canal Street district in the city centre was once a run down and abandoned area like this one. Maybe Ardwick could also be redeveloped, and buildings like this turned into apartments or night clubs.

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