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WE ARE STANDING ON ARDWICK STATION FOOTBRIDGE looking north west towards Piccadilly Station. A Transpennine Express train on its way towards Stalybridge and Huddersfield is just about to pass under the bridge. The city centre skyline is visible, with the UMIST Reynold Building on the left, Portland Tower with the red lights, Sunley Tower in the middle, 111 Piccadilly and the Arndale Tower centre right, and the CIS building on the far right.

EWM says: To experience the spirit of Ardwick to the full, you have to visit Ardwick Station (also known as Ardwick Halt), preferably on a drizzly and depressing day.

ARDWICK JUNCTION is the place where lines from Piccadilly Station separate. Eastbound trains take the Transpennine route via Stalybridge to Huddersfield, Leeds and beyond. Southbound trains go to Stockport and on to London (former London and North Western Railway).

EWM says: The moody overcast skies of Manchester have a strange fascination.

ARDWICK STATION SIGN and one of the recently installed platform lights are seen against an overcast sky on a freezing afternoon in January. The line running south towards Longsight, with its overhead gantries and cables, is visible straight ahead.

EWM says: How many times have you waited on a cold, windswept station platform for a train which never seems to come?

THE ENTRANCE TO ARDWICK STATION has recently been upgraded with new signage, lighting and information boards. The station is accessed via a sloping footpath leading up from Blind Lane.

EWM says: I have never actually seen anybody at Ardwick Station. Given the depressing surroundings it's not difficult to see why.

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