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Photo features January - December 2001

THE LATEST BATCH OF READER MESSAGES reveal more striking details of life in Manchester in different times. Some new photographs, including this one of the Mancunian Way. What's the Cold War connection with this scene? And just how many pubs stood at the corners of Moston Lane and Rochdale Road in the early 60's? Click here to read messages and see pictures...

IT'S QUIZ TIME AGAIN! Find out more quirky facts about Manchester and its changing face. Why is the water feature on Exchange Square in a froth, why did an EWM expat reader share an MEN front page with Robbie Williams and what's the origin of Tib Street? All is revealed here...

ART AND PHOTOGRAPHY compared and contrasted in this Eyewitness update, featuring wonderful artistic representations of Manchester by Liam Spencer, Martin Murrey, David Downes, Bill Jones and a new book about LS Lowry Click here to see paintings and photographs

ANOTHER FASCINATING SET OF READER MESSAGES with insights from around the Salford Cheetham border, questions about place names, memories of Lewis's and Piccadilly, and a reader who approves of the local authority's Piccadilly plan - Click to see messages and pictures

ADMIRE THE VIEWS OVER DERBYSHIRE AND CHESHIRE, in this assortment of photos taken out and about. From the Wirral to the High Peak, and via Bramhall back to Manchester city centre. Click here to see pictures

GOODBYE PICCADILLY - It's March 2001, the sunken gardens have gone, the statues are about to be moved, an office block will arise on the Portland st end of the Gardens. And Lewis's has closed for good. Should we be in mourning or celebrating a new beginning? Click to see the current and recent pictures

READER MESSAGES UPDATED AGAIN - More interesting responses to the Saddleworth pictures, a book and website on The Hollies girls school, and a romantic sunset over Strangeways and Salford Click here to see messages and pictures

ADMIRE THE VIEWS OVER SADDLEWORTH, the Yorkshire district just eight miles north east of Manchester city centre. These pictures are a preview of my upcoming feature on that area... Click to see the views

READER MESSAGES UPDATE - As usual some very interesting contributions, including this photograph of Piccadilly taken in the late eighties. Click here to see more

THE FIRST AIRLINER ON A COMMERCIAL FLIGHT to use Manchester Airport's newly-opened Runway 2 prepares for take off - EWM was there - Click to see photos and reports

MORE PICTURES TAKEN OUT AND ABOUT in the gloomy overcast weather of late January early February 2001. Some striking waterside city centre skyline views and a shock discovery at one of Manchester's most important - and most neglected - historic locations. Click here to see more

A NEW SELECTION OF READER MESSAGES, with some new pictures too, including the one on the left. Which landmark building overlooking Piccadilly is currently being dismantled? Click here to see more

DADDY FOX is the second feature film by Didsbury-based film-maker John McCormack. In my third update I spotlight some of the actors, both famous and not-so-famous, who took part in this film, on which I was official stills photographer. 18 image files with 126 individual photographs Click to go to the Daddy Fox intro page

THE SHIP CANAL AT DUSK, Fiddlers Ferry Power Station, the streets behind the Bridgewater Hall and an old cinema sign uncovered are some of the motifs in this update of pictures taken out and about in Manchester and beyond... Click here to see more...

FIRST UPDATE OF 2001: SIXTY SIX snowy views of Manchester and surrounding area taken between Christmas and new year, presented with a brand new picture quiz consisting of 54 multiple choice questions. Where was this photograph taken? A) Siberia B) Saskatchewan C) Salford. Click here to find out

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