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EWM April 2004 Picture Quiz: Based on images from the archive, many previously unpublished, I offer you this picture quiz. The answers are on the final page.

RAIL AND ROAD intersect at this point on the western side of the M60 motorway. A red lorry, a blue and yellow bus and a blue and yellow train are caught in one picture - an amazing co-incidenc. Actually it isn't I pasted them from different pictures using digital imaging. Anyway, here are your opening questions:

1) What is historically significant about this railway line?

2) What is the next station in the direction of Manchester?

A CHINESE STYLE remodelling of the Wing Yip supermarket brings a taste of the Orient to central Manchester. There is another Chinese-style exterior on a rival Chinese supermarket further up this major road leading into Manchester but...

3) What road is this?

4) What once occupied this site?

NORTHERN MILLS can still look dark and satanic on a gloomy winters evening. But the buildings on the right are now being converted into apartments and this district is set to turn into an urban village.

5) What district is this?

6) What street is this?

ANGEL MEADOW PARK was until recently anything but angelic. This forgotten corner of Manchester is now turning into a desirable residential district. In 2001 the distinctive flags which gave the area its older name were removed.

7) What was the name of the church which stood on the mound on the left, featured in the name the area is also known by: St ___ Flags?

8) What street, named after a once German, now Polish city, leads from behind the Printworks on Withy Grove to Angel Meadow Park?

CONCORDE was the fastest and, many would say, most beautiful airliner in the world. It never flew scheduled flights from Manchester, but visited many times. Here, a British Airways Concorde visiting Manchester for the last time taxis towards Runway 1. We thought this was the last we'd see of Concorde, but a few days later another Concorde (G-BOAC) made its final landing at Manchester Airport and is now on display there.

9) In what part of the airport is Concorde now on display?

10) In what month and year was Concorde withdrawn from service?

All photos and articles © Aidan O'Rourke

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