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EWM April 2004 Picture Quiz: 21-30

MANY OF MANCHESTER'S BUILDINGS were blackened by smoke and soot, which was removed in the 1970's. The facade of this building reacquired a layer of grime, but it was cleaned around 2000 and looks almost pristine again.

21) What is the building?

22) In what year was it opened?

OXFORD? CAMBRIDGE? No, it's the centre of Manchester, just a minute's walk from the Urbis Centre. This baronial hall dates from the 15th century and is remarkably well-preserved. Inside to the left is the oldest surviving public library in the English speaking world.

23) What is the name of the library?

24) Which famous German-born political theorist who wrote about the Manchester working classes once studied in this library?

THIS COULD BE MOSCOW, or possibly Manchester's twin city St Petersburg. The tall pastel-coloured facade is in the style of those cities, but this is Manchester.

25) What institution is this building a part of?

26) In which year was it re-founded?

THE CIS BUILDING, completed in 1962 remains in 2004 the tallest building in Manchester, but not for long. We are looking over the railway viaduct that carries trains out of Victoria Station.

27) What was the name of the railway station, closed in 1969, which used to occupy this site?

28) What is the name of the tower which is set to usurp the CIS Building as the tallest building in Manchester?

DEMOLITION SITES can be found all over Manchester as the old (or not so old) is swept away to be replaced by the new. Even relatively modern structures may outlive their usefulness and fall under the demolition man's hammer, as here. But to many Manchester people, this is a site of special sentimental significance...

29) What is this site?

30) In which Manchester suburb or district is it located?

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