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EWM April 2004 Picture Quiz: 41 - 50

REYNELL ROAD LONGSIGHT is lined with late 19th century family homes. At the end is a half-timbered house of much earlier origin. In fact it's a medieval hall, now used as a private residence.

41) What is the name of the hall? (also the name of the lane it stands on)

42 ) How old is it? Choose from 100+ years, 400+ years or 600+ years.

AN OLD WAREHOUSE and a disused station. This is a the type of scene we are seeing less and less of, as more and more of the city is refurbished and transformed. The station has been closed to passengers since the 1950's but was used as a parcel depot for many years. It might yet re-open as a passenger station, if rail passenger numbers continue to grow.

43) What is the name of the station?

44) What is the name of the river which passes directly to the south?

MOSLEY STREET was once a fashionable residential street filled with horse-drawn carriages. Today it is used by Metrolink trams, including this one. This, one of its oldest buildings was recently extended and renovated.

45) What is the building on the left?

46) In what decade did the building originally open?


MOSLEY STREET, and another neo-Classical building. The lower floor used to be a bank but is now a pub. The upper floor houses one of the oldest libraries in the UK.

47) What is the name of the library?

48) In what decade did it originally open?

NUMBER 1 DEANSGATE remains in 2004 Manchester's most prestigious apartment building. Those who can afford the elevated prices can enjoy spectacular views over Manchester City Centre.

49) Which locally-based architectural practice designed No1 Deansgate?

50) What shopping, office and hotel development, built around 1880, used to occupy this site? It was demolished after fire damage during World War 2.


All photos and articles © Aidan O'Rourke

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