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EWM April 2004 Picture Quiz: 81 - 90

THE VICTORIA BATHS is now one of Manchester's best loved buildings following its spectacular win in the BBC's Restoration programme. It received over £3m of money to kick-start the renovation of the building.

81) In what year did Manchester City Council close the facility?

82) How many pools did it originally have? Choose from 1, 2 or 3

ANOTHER BUILDING with a sloping roof is appearing on the Manchester skyline. But unlike Urbis and No1 Deansgate, this one slopes towards the sun, not away from it. It's part of a new residential village which is taking shape around the former industrial buildings south of the railway line.

83) What railway station is the train about to arrive at?

84) What is the name of the new village?

YES, IT'S MANCHESTER! Nowadays it's no longer surprising to see building styles from exotic parts of the world springing up in Manchester.

85) It's a Hindu temple but where is it located? Choose from a) Rusholme b) Crumpsall c) Whalley Range

86) What is the popular name for the stretch of road in Rusholme where you'll find lots of Asian and other eastern restaurants?

METROLINK trams run on city centre streets and then onto converted railway lines leading to Altrincham in the south and Bury to the north. A newer line to Eccles was built across Salford Quays leading to Eccles New Road and Eccles town centre.

87) What station is this?

88) In what year did the Queen officially open Manchester's Metrolink tram system?

A MAGNIFICENT though sadly non-functional railway bridge dating from the 1890's, carried the disused line from Glazebrook east of Warrington to Godley near Glossop. If the Victorian railway engineers had known that many of their creations were to have a life span of only three generations, what would they have thought?

89) Is this the River Mersey, the Manchester Ship Canal or the River Irwell?

90) In what year did Queen Victoria officially open the Manchester Ship Canal?

All photos and articles © Aidan O'Rourke

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