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EWM April 2004 Picture Quiz: 51 - 60

I FOUND THIS BIRD'S NEST WITH EGGS in the middle of a piece of waste ground in Salford next to the railway viaduct. In the distance, on the Manchester side of the Irwell, are the cranes of the Spinningfields development. It seems not just human residents are migrating back into the city centre.

51) The species of the bird is the same as a lane in West Didsbury linking Palatine Rd and Burton Rd. What is it?

52) Which major Manchester railway station is situated about half a mile along the line to the left?

THE OLD FIRE STATION was proudly opened in 1906. After decades of service, the fire brigade vacated the building to move to more modern facilities. Despite all the regeneration and reconstruction in progress all around, the Old Fire Station remains empty, dirty and delapidated

53) For how long has the building been vacant? 5 years? 10 years? over 20 years?

54) On what street does it stand (also the former name of Piccadilly Station)?

THIS RESIDENTIAL TOWER is a major landmark in south Manchester. It provides accommodation for students attending Manchester University, and is named after the founder of what became the Victoria University of Manchester.

55) What was the surname of the man who founded the original collage which later became Manchester University.

56) With which educational institution is Manchester University to merge, to form a new 'super-university'?



THE TOWER of the Palace Hotel is another famous Manchester landmark. Here it is seen next to a corkscrew-shaped piece of drilling equipment in use on one of Manchester's many building sites.

57) But which direction are we looking from? From the north east off Portland St? From the south east off Princess St? From the south west off Oxford Rd? From the north west next to the Ashton Canal?

58) What was the name of the company who vacated the building to move to an out-of-town location?


THIS LOCATION is now exists only in our memories - and in photographs - as it lies buried under an office building.

59) What is the name of this former green space?

60) What is the name of the street on the right?


All photos and articles © Aidan O'Rourke

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