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EWM April 2004 Picture Quiz: 91 - 100

BRIDGES large and small cross motorways, roads, railway lines, canals and rivers, including this one at Daisy Nook to the east of Manchester. The river marks the boundary between the Oldham ( left) and Tameside local authority areas before meandering its way through east Manchester, skirting south of the city centre and joining the Irwell at Castlefield.

91) What is the name of the river?

92) Which local dialect writer was responsible for coining the name 'Daisy Nook'?

A MOTORWAY under construction passing what looks like a sloping sea wall. The year is 1998. Part of this facility was decommissioned to allow the motorway to pass.

93) Where is this and what facility has been decomissioned?

94) What is the name of the motorway under construction?


A BUILDING of very unusual design, created by Manchester-based architectural practice Buttress Fuller Allsop Williams. It features a curving, organic layout, extensive use of exterior wood and watchtower-like structures with v-shaped roofs.

95) What is the name of this building (short or long)?

96) In which county is it located?


A CHURCH AT RISK, once situated in the midst of an area of coal mining and industry, now standing isolated with a dwindling congregation. Designed by GF Bodley and Thomas Garner in 1874 it was planned to have a tower that was never built. It was drawn by L S Lowry who used to live near here.

97) What is the name of this church?

98) In which local district (part of the Salford City Council area) is it located?

STOCKPORT RAILWAY VIADUCT is a potent symbole of the north of England's former railway pre-eminence. It was built around 1840 and widened several decades later. Through the arches can be seen the Blue Pyramid, Stockport's controversial and iconic building, now housing offices of the Co-operative Bank.

99) In which direction are we looking? North, south, east or west?

100) To which private rail operator does the train on the viaduct belong?



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Photos and text by Aidan O'Rourke

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