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EWM April 2004 Picture Quiz: 61-70.

THIS STREET which leads off Great Ancoats Street has seen many changes since I took this photo in 1998. The former ironworks on the left has gone, and the warehouse on the right is being turned into apartments. See how this corner looked during the Commonwealth Games.

61) What is the name of the street?

62) What was the name used during the Games for the pedestrian route which passed along here linking the city centre to Sportcity?

AN UNCHANGING LANDMARK on the city centre skyline which rises up above St Mary's Gate and New Cathedral Street.

63) What is the name of this building?

64) In what year did it cease to operate in its original function?

NOT QUITE THE RIVER DANUBE, but as in Budapest, we have a river dividing two cities, Manchester to the right and Salford to the left. The boundary runs along the centre of the river which of course is the Irwell.

65) What is the name of the smaller river which flows into the Irwell at this point?

66) What is the name of the concert and sports venue off the picture to the right?

THE PONT NEUF in Paris is rather more ornamented than this recently widened bridge across the Irwell. In fact we can see here how the new brick built sections have sandwiched the older bridge in between.

67) What is the name of the road which links Manchester and Salford at this point? Give either the name of the road or its Ministry of Transport designation (eg: A62)

68) Harry Ramsdens Fish and Chip restaurant is next to the river at this point. But is it on the Salford side of the river to the left or the Manchester side on the right?

THE CITY CENTRE SKYLINE seen through a powerful zoom lens presents many interesting and surprising juxtapositions. Most people who know Manchester will instantly recognise CIS and Arndale Towers and the elliptoid profile of GMEX, originally Central Station.

69) To which building does the tower on the right belong to?

70) Where is our viewpoint? Choose from: a) On Mosley St next to the Bridgewater Hall b) On the new Mancunian Way footbridge? c) GMEX Metrolink station?

All photos and articles © Aidan O'Rourke

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