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EWM April 2004 Picture Quiz: 71 - 80

VIEWS to the south and south east of Manchester lead the eye towards the tree-topped horizon beyond the City of Manchester Stadium, and the undulating outline of the Pennines in Derbyshire. That's the transmitter relay tower at Wincle near Congleton, some 40 miles south.

71) To what building does the strangely-shaped roof in the lower left picture belong?

72) Where is our viewpoint? Choose from: a) MANCAT Moston, north Manchester? b) Salford University to the east of Manchester? c) Gateway House next to Piccadilly Station in central Manchester?



In this experimental image I combined two Manchester streets to make an imaginary scene inspired by the cover of David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust album, which I bought at Lewis's in 1972. The join runs down the middle of the image.

73) The buildings on the left are to the rear of Manchester's most fashionable shopping street. What street is this?

74) The street on the right is Hilton St in the Northern Quarter. What is the name of the street on the left, actually called a square and overlooked by the offices of chartered accountants KPMG and the Bank of Ireland?



THIS RESIDENTIAL TOWER was built in the 1960's and can be seen for many miles around. Unlike many tower blocks it is well maintained and has good facilities for residents. It is named after the local borough which built it, now part of the Trafford Borough Council area.

75) What is the name of the tower?

76) What is the name of the road we are on? Clue: This town also gives its name to three bridges over the Ship Canal.


ONE OF MANCHESTER'S most famous buildings looks less recognisable from this angle. Here are two views, one captured on film (left) and one on digital (right)

77) What is the building?

78) What is the name of the garden immediately behind our viewpoint?

ANOTHER BUILDING SITE in Manchester city centre. This was a car park - you can see the entrance lanes and the bases of the ticket machines, now removed. On the right is the Arndale tower and the Corn Exchange.

79) What building is on this site now?

80) What was the name of the arcade that stood here up till the 1960's?

All photos and articles © Aidan O'Rourke

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